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    How to create a single-visit zirconia fixed bridge with CEREC and CEREC SpeedFire Sintering Furnace

    How technology helped one clinician provide the best care possible.

    Since the introduction of CEREC 3D in 2005, single-visit, all-porcelain restorations have become increasingly more popular. Dentists have adopted this technology rapidly, tremendously benefiting themselves and, more importantly, their patients.

    Dentists have increased their adoption of dental implants, yet patients still frequently opt for the traditional fixed bridge. With CEREC Connect, cases are submitted digitally to a laboratory. Connect improves the fit and comfort of fixed bridges for patients by allowing for instant feedback from the laboratory technician prior to fabrication; however, the process still requires multiple patient visits to complete.

    In 2011, materials were introduced for chairside fixed bridges. While these bridges are beautiful and can be completed in a single visit, certain limitations remained. The material of the bridges is designed for posterior bridges replacing first bicuspids and anterior bridges; however, the material is not approved for fixed bridges replacing molars or second bicuspids. The maximum pontic mesial to distal dimension cannot exceed 9 mm in the posterior and no more than 11 mm in the anterior. The connector sizes must be 16 mm2 with the height greater than the width. Additionally, e.max is not indicated for Maryland bridges, cantilever bridges or inlay bridges.

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    In 2016, Dentsply Sirona introduced a solution for the those limitations—CEREC Zirconia and the new SpeedFire sintering furnace. Dentists have long used zirconia because of its exceptional strength. Zirconia is well suited for all posterior bridges with one or two pontics, and recent material advances have made it substantially more acceptable esthetically.

    The new CEREC SpeedFire furnace can completely sinter a CEREC Zirconia bridge in about 25 minutes using the CEREC MC XL Practice Lab milling machine’s dry mill method in fast mill mode. This case demonstrates two techniques for extraction and immediate placement of a single-visit, fixed bridge. The first technique shows where a tooth is extracted the same day as the fixed bridge placement with no resulting loss of tissue or bone height. The second technique shows the fabrication of a zirconia fixed bridge from preparation to cementation in a single visit.

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