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    How and why Dr. Cynthia Brattesani uses SOPROCARE and SOPROLIFE in her dental practice

    The award-winning products from Acteon North America are a part of the San Francisco dentist's armamentarium because they "tell a story."

    I recently chatted with Dr. Cynthia Brattesani, a dentist in San Francisco who is well known for her passion for the patient and technology. During our talk, we discussed SOPROCARE and SOPROLIFE from Acteon North America, both products that are in her practice and were recently named as part of the Best of Class winners for 2015.

    Below, Dr. Brattesani tells you what she likes about the products and how they’ve impacted her patients and practice.

    When I buy a piece of technology, there has to be an intention behind it. Will it enhance the patient experience and create value? Will it create a connection? I want something that gives meaning to the patient’s visit and tells a story.

    There are a lot of intraoral cameras out there, but I can use SOPROLIFE both as a camera and a diagnostic aid. I can show the image to the patient, and it creates a conversation. I can show patients how deep the decay is, and this helps them understand the treatment we are prescribing. It also helps insurance companies understand why we are doing what we are doing. Take a fractured porcelain crown at the interproximal, for example. Insurance might not normally cover it simply because its fractured, but I can use the SOPROCARE to clearly demonstrate the extreme inflammation between teeth and show that the magenta color is unhealthy with its enhanced imagery. I don’t get any denials because SOPROCARE allows me to make a case for what we are doing and why.

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    As dentists, we are battling three things when we communicate – distraction, competition, and commoditization. Some studies suggest that we have only 9 seconds to earn and keep patients’ attention. Today, when patients are in our chair, they are distracted thinking about everything else other than being there so our message has to be compelling and has to create a conversation. This device allows my team to show the patient what we’ve diagnosed and tells a meaningful story.

    We know plenty of patients who go to dental practices to get a second opinion. They’re told they have cavities and they come to us to see if they really do. With the SOPROLIFE, we can give them a tangible image that shows healthy as green and unhealthy as red.

    Another thing that I love is how easily it integrates into our imaging system. We use DEXIS and I have DEXIS go, meaning I can hand them the image on an iPad. They can hold it in their hands and pinch and swipe to get a better look. It completely triggers a conversation and that excites me.

    In the hygiene room, SOPROCARE can be used in many ways, including in Perio mode. It’s genius how the LED enhances the image and shows old versus new plaque and inflammation at a new level.

    My friend, Dr. John Flucke, once said that his dad told him to think like a patient and not like a dentist. That’s exactly what this device helps me do. I can quickly show patients what we see and they can better understand our recommendations. If I can’t do that, they’re not going to understand my recommendation and schedule the treatment. Some of my patients pass 1,200 other dental practices just to come to mine. If I can’t give them something they understand or value, why would they pass all of those others? I think of it as “ergonomics of the mind.” You don’t have to work hard to present it or understand it.

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    One of the other things I love is that it’s a “plug and play” device that uses USB drives and can be used in every operatory. It blends seamlessly with our imaging software and provides a fast picture of a smile when needed as well.

    Kevin Henry
    Kevin Henry is the group editorial director for Advanstar Dental Media and has more than 15 years of experience in the dental ...


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