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    Dr. David Little talks about 3D imaging and technology in the dental practice

    The Texas dentist discusses 3D technology and how it has impacted his practice, including the technology’s ROI in our exclusive video interview.

    When asked about 3D technology in the dental practice, Dr. David Little makes no bones about his feelings.

    “As we progress, it’s going to be the standard of care if it’s not already the standard care,” said Dr. Little, who practices in San Antonio, Texas. “The truth is that we as a profession are going to held to that standard of care.”

    Dr. Little was one of several clinicians who lent their thoughts on 3D technology and how it has impacted their practice in an ebook that was sponsored by Carestream Dental. You can click here to download the free ebook.

    “Once you start using this technology, you can never go back,” Dr. Little said. “A lot of people look at this technology as something that helps with implants, but it’s not just about that. It’s about a patient who comes in with pain and he or she can’t figure out what it is. The X-rays that have been taken didn’t show anything. Maybe there’s an extra canal or a fractured root. These are things that are possible to see with 3D technology.”  

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    To hear more thoughts from Dr. Little on 3D technology and how it has impacted his practice, including the technology’s ROI, please watch our exclusive video interview below …

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