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    Don't delay decisions [VIDEO]

    Kathleen O'Donnell of Jameson Consulting offers simple guidelines on effective decision-making.

    As part of our new Morning Huddle e-newsletter, DPR partnered with notable practice management consultants to provide quick video tips to get your team talking.

    Here, Kathleen O'Donnell of Jameson Consulting shares simple guidelines to effective decision-making.


    Whether it’s large or small, easy or difficult, we go through everyday of our lives making decisions. Decision-making may be one of the most difficult responsibilities in both your professional and personal lives.

    Not making decisions in a timely manner or avoiding making decisions all together can lead to disappointment and failure. Fortune Magazine once reported that there are four main reasons for failure when it comes to decision-making:

    • Poor execution
    • Not getting things done
    • Being indecisive
    • Not delivering on commitments

    In addition, you can also face lost time, increase in stress and loss of productivity.

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    There are numerous reasons why people avoid making decisions. You may recognize yourself in these reasons. Certainly, the situation, the person or persons with whom you are interacting - and how you are feeling about yourself - will have an impact on your ability and your willingness to make a decision.  

    Now that we’ve addressed implications for avoiding a decision or change affiliated with a decision, let’s discuss specific guidelines for effective decision-making.

    1. Learn to set deadlines. With time limits, you can set a decision date and give yourself boundaries.

    2. Decide quickly on small issues and go on to the next one. Make the call and move on.

    3. On larger decisions, make a series of small decisions that will keep you moving forward. Baby steps lead to giant leaps.

    4. Once you’ve come to a conclusion, have confidence in yourself and in your decision. Often times, the result you get may be different than what you expected, but it might also be better than you expected!

    And lastly, it’s important to remember that you may not get it right every time and that’s OK. You can acknowledge that when appropriate. Just remember to stand your ground and don’t back away from your responsibility to decide. It can lead to some exciting opportunities! Make some decisions this week and you’ll make it a great week!