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    CS 3500 Intraoral Scanner boasts 'exciting' new light projection system and more

    A Q&A with Edward Shellard, DMD, Chief Marketing Officer and Director of Business Development of Carestream Dental.

    We talk with Edward Shellard, DMD, Chief Marketing Officer and Director of Business Development of Carestream Dental, about the features and advancements of Carestream's new CS 3500 Intraoral Camera.

    Q: What is the most frequent question you hear about this category?

    A: The most common question I hear in regards to intraoral scanners is “does it require powder to coat teeth prior to scanning?”

    Q: How does your product seek to answer that question?

    A: The CS 3500 actually answers this question—and solves this concern—because it requires no powder. Thanks to its design, our scanner delivers accurate result without powder, which makes it more convenient for oral health professionals.

    Edward Shellard, DMDQ: What about this category helps dentists practice better dentistry?

    A: Intraoral scanners help dentists practice better dentistry by providing quality images that can be displayed on a monitor in large size, thus facilitating evaluation and analysis. Because the images are rendered in 3D, dentists can clearly see preparation margins and design. The 3D images also provide a whole new way to look at teeth, and intraoral scanners bring magnification to a whole new level.

    Q: How is your product leading innovation in this category?

    A: I think it’s the CS 3500’s combination of innovative features that gives us an industry-leading product. To start, the scanner requires no powder or trolley, making it easily portable between operatories. The tips—available in two sizes—are autoclavable, and the scanner features a built-in heater to prevent fogging.

    Perhaps the most exciting feature of the CS 3500 scanner is its light projection system. Now, doctors can focus on their patients’ mouths rather than looking at the monitor to ensure the image was properly captured. And, because the scanner is lightweight and ergonomic, it can easily be used by anyone, whether they’re right- or left-handed.

    Our other features include the ability to capture 3D images in true color and an intuitive software interface. In addition, we’ve included two image capture buttons to make the scanner simpler to use. When combined, all of these features make for a powerful intraoral scanner.

    Featured Product

    CS 3500 intraoral scanner*

    CS 3500 Intraoral ScannerWith the CS 3500, dental professionals can easily acquire true color 3D images—without an external heater, powder or trolley system.

    The intraoral scanner’s sleek, lightweight design allows for high-angulation scanning of up to 45º and a depth of 16 mm, and promotes a more comfortable patient experience. And, with a light guidance system that navigates users through the acquisition process, practitioners can now focus on their patients rather than their computer monitor.

    *Work in Progress—not available for sale pending medical
    device regulatory clearances and registrations.

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