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    Choosing the right dental laser for your practice

    Now may be the best time ever to invest in a dental laser.




    LightScalpel is dedicated to providing dentists with the best and most cost-effective soft-tissue CO2 surgical laser solutions. LightScalpel soft-tissue lasers are the tool of choice in numerous dental procedures, such as frenectomy, vestibuloplasty, biopsies, gingivectomy, gingivoplasty, soft-tissue crown lengthening, fibroma removal, sulcular debridement, aphthous and herpetic lesions treatment, and more. LightScalpel is an FDA-registered, American-based designer and manufacturer of CO2 dental lasers and accessories. LightScalpel laser technology has its roots in Luxar technology; introduced in 1991 as the first ever soft-tissue surgical CO2 laser, Luxar was designed specifically for a small office environment. LightScalpel has further advanced the technology through a variety of breakthrough improvements in handpieces, laser pulsing, system integration and serviceability.

    A unique feature of LightScalpel laser systems is the proprietary hollow waveguide flexible fiber delivery system, which allows dentists to move the laser handpiece unrestrained. LightScalpel’s air-cooled all-metal laser tubes are designed to be durable and long-lasting, ensuring lower maintenance costs. The ability of the LightScalpel’s CO2 laser 10,600 nm wavelength to vaporize water-rich soft tissue is said to make it a true “What You See Is What You Get” laser with maximum precision. Its collateral thermal effects are minimal but sufficient for hemostasis. The CO2 laser is reportedly the only practical soft-tissue surgical laser that uses the laser beam directly to cut, ablate and photo-thermally coagulate the soft tissue. Flexible fiber soft tissue CO2 laser surgery can be easily learned by any skilled dentist. Advances in handpiece technology and fast ROI make CO2 laser surgery enjoyable and affordable as never before.




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