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    CEREC AI and CEREC AF provide options for mobility and flexibility

    How these technologies make using CEREC even easier.

    CEREC technology is all about integration and convenience, and with CEREC® AI and CEREC® AF, flexibility and mobility make using CEREC that much easier. Both the AI and AF feature a monitor, keyboard and PC; CEREC Omnicam with cradle; and a tablet. However, the two units are different in a variety of ways.

    CEREC AI is integrated directly into the Sirona Teneo Treatment Center with a movable arm, which allows for true integration into your treatment room. When the CEREC Omnicam is needed for a restorative, orthodontic or implantology scan, all you have to do is move the arm into place and you are ready to image. The combination of true integration with flexible configuration options makes the CEREC AI the system to turn to when you want CEREC integrated into your treatment center.

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    CEREC AF is an independent unit that provides the ultimate in mobility with an adaptable setup in your existing operatory. With the flexibility the AF provides, you can outfit as many operatories as you want with the CEREC Omnicam.

    With both the CEREC AF and AI, the Omnicam camera can be moved between operatories, floors and even practices. The Omnicam camera can then be plugged into the CEREC AF or AI system in another location and be used. This allows for simple integration at a lower price point. Plus with the CEREC AI and AF, Sirona remote software is capable of displaying acquisition software on another monitor or tablet to allow for an easier user experience based on your existing office configuration.

    With CEREC AI and CEREC AF options, there is no reason not to take advantage of the design features and options that allow you to integrate CEREC into your operatory. Increase the efficiency and the productivity in your practice with CEREC. To learn more about how CEREC or Sirona Treatment Centers can improve your office workflows and provide efficient, ergonomic design solutions, contact your Patterson representative.

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    More on CEREC AI and CEREC AF:


    CEREC® AF with Omnicam

    - Offers practice mobility

    - Camera tray is placed near patient 

    - Choice of monitor: treatment center, counter monitor, tablet 

    - Camera can be moved to one operatory while allowing design and milling in another 

    - Also available in a Connect version, for clinicians who prefer lab-fabricated restorations


    CEREC AICEREC® AI with Omnicam

    - Offers chairside integration

    - Mounted camera tray

    - Treatment center monitor serves as CEREC display

    - Integrates with Sirona treatment center

    - Also available in a Connect version, for clinicians who prefer lab-fabricated restorations


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