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    7 horrifying procedures dentists used to do

    If your patients think dental offices are scary now, show them what their ancestors had to endure.

    Chances are, if it oozes or bleeds or causes pain, you’ve dealt with it in your practice. The stuff of horror films wouldn’t even faze most healthcare professionals.

    Pliers with bloodBut that’s because you’re used to treating those things. You know how to relieve the pain of caries, how to staunch bleeding and use antibacterial agents. For much of dental history, however, that hasn’t really been the case. In fact, it almost seems like dentists of old caused more pain and more bleeding than they stopped.

    If you’ve ever had a patient who’s scared to sit in your chair, just remind them that it could be a lot worse. You could be putting poison in their mouth, or using dental tools with the unfortunate side effect of accidentally breaking entire jaws, or drilling into their mouth with sharp rocks. The whine of the dental drill isn't exactly a pleasant sound, but it's certainly much easier to handle with copious amounts of anesthetic.

    To help celebrate just how far dentistry has come, from the earliest evidences of dentistry around 14,000 years ago to the hi-tech landscape of today, and to celebrate the scarier side of this time of year, we rounded up some of the most horrifying things dentists have ever done.  

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