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    6 cosmetic dentistry procedures every practice should offer

    More patients are demanding cosmetic dentistry treatment, so offering these procedures could help boost your patients' satisfaction and your practice's bottom line.

    Thanks to social media — particularly “Instagram models” — patients’ interest in dental procedures is rising. They’re no longer avoiding their regular dental appointments, instead trading dread with enthusiasm. They know that dentists can help them get that Instagram-worthy smile, and they’re all in.

    Cosmetic dentistryAt least, that’s what Sarah Jebreil, DDS, AAACD, says. She practices in Newport Beach, California, “where everyone wants whiter-than-white teeth,” including her 80-year-old patients, she says.

    “Because of social media, patients are very aware of what options are available to them and they know what they want to look like when the treatment is completed,” she says. “They are no longer asking what can they do to look better. They are coming in with a treatment plan that they have in mind from what they have seen and read about online.”

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    Because patients are often coming to dentists with a clear idea of the treatment and results they want, it’s important that dentists discuss the options available, she says.

    “We need to really understand what it is they really want and if it is in fact achievable. If it’s not, we need to guide them to a more realistic option,” she says.

    For practices trying to keep up with their patients’ demand, here are six cosmetic procedures that will help build your list of services.

    Click through the slides to view the procedures.



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