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    4 Great Ways to Improve Your Clinical Skills and Increase Profitability

    Predictability should be the reputation that brands your patient care.

    If you want a more predictable, profitable practice you need to start thinking in terms of "complete dentistry." It's time to go beyond the mentality of just fixing holes and focus on improving your diagnostic abilities and understanding the systems you're working with.

    Not sure where to start? Use these articles to learn how to go back to the basics.

     Complete Dentistry 

    How to improve treatment efficiency using predictability

    The Dawson Academy's Dr. Scott Finlay outlines the academy's four-step protocol that will help you improve your diagnostic abilities. Read>>>


    How to place predictable, esthetic posterior restorations

    Dr. Stephen Poss demonstrates how Kerr Corp.'s SonicFill Bulk fill composite system provides dentists with a fast, efficient way to place posterior restorations. Read >>>

     The Science Minute 

    Monolithic lithium disilicate restorations continue to emerge

    The science and research behind Ivoclar Vivadent's IPS e.max restorative material validate its strength, longevity and quality. Read>>>

     Team Approach 

    How DenMat's Snap-On Smile benefits dental patients

    Tina Calloway, CDA, presents how DenMat's Snap-On Smile can help patients envision a possible future beyond the temporary solution. Read>>>