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    3 ways to turn your website into a new patient magnet

    Three simple steps to simplify SEO for practice success.



    Curate amazing content

    You can turn your own content—or the content that other individuals have created— into completely new forms of content. Normally, these curated pieces come in the form of “best articles of the year”, “top stories” or “week in review”.

    While curated content pieces may never attract thousands of editorial links, they will still add some value and help with discovery. Each time you create an internal link to your page, you are driving users to that page.

    Linking to your own content can also help in telling Google that the page is authoritative and important. This can help in improving your ranking, especially for organic search results.

    You can also curate content which has already been published in other sites (or mix the content with your own content).

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    Apart from having link value, this kind of content also improves relationships. People like it when others highlight their content—particularly if it is a “best of the year” article.

    Those individuals may also help in promoting your content in their own networks, and this will lead to more individuals discovering your brand. You may also get a link or several of them out of this down the road.

    Infographics are extremely time sensitive, and therefore you will need a good designer to pull it off. When an infographic is well designed, it is worth every penny.

    By providing resources for learning, your dental practice will be viewed as an authority by Google, and they’ll have no choice but to lift your search engine results.

    Justin Morgan
    Justin Morgan is The Dental Marketing Guy. He offers SEO to dentists and helps them create stories which promote their dental practice ...


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