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    PhotoMed G16 Digital Dental Camera designed for frame and focus simplicity

    PhotoMed's digital camera system is specifically designed to allow you to easily take all of the standard clinical views.

    The PhotoMed G16 Digital Dental Camera is specifically designed to allow you take all of the standard clinical views with "frame and focus" simplicity. PhotoMed offers a variety camera systems, components & accessories and mirrors/retractors/contrasters designed to allow clinicians to excel at dental photography.

    The built-in color monitor on the PhotoMed G16 allows you to precisely frame your subject. Focus and shoot. It's that easy. Proper exposure and balanced even lighting are assured. By using the camera's built-in flash, the amount of light necessary for a proper exposure is guaranteed and PhotoMed's custom closeup lighting attachment redirects the light from the camera's flash to create a balanced, even lighting across the field. 

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    Canon continues to improve its popular G-Series digital cameras with small, incremental changes. Anyone who has used a G7 or newer G-Series model will recognize the layout of the camera as it has remained consistent throughout the G7, G9, G10, G11, G12, G15 and now the G16.

    The G16 is very similar to the G15 with the addition of Wi-Fi capability, an upgraded processor and enhanced HD video features. The G16 is a 12 megapixel digital camera with a 5x optical zoom lens. The new Digic 6 processor makes the camera very fast with almost instantaneous focus lock and almost no shutter lag.

    Wi-Fi is a new feature and it allows you to view and/or transfer images from the camera to a smart phone, tablet or computer. Unfortunately, the transfer of images is not automatic (like the Eye-Fi card). In a busy practice, it will still be faster to put the memory card from the camera in a card reader and transfer the images, but you do have the option to transfer via Wi-Fi.


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