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    Number of overall and endodontics diagnoses per practice

    Understanding the number of diagnoses in the dental practice is key to understanding the state of oral health and the long-term effects of receiving oral diagnoses and interventions.


    Endodontics quantity

    In contrast to the increase in diagnostics quantity, the number of endodontics cases seen by practices is falling off. Practices saw an average of 11 endodontics cases a month in 2010, but by 2016 the average had dropped to 10.2 cases each month, a total of 7.5 percent. This may be the result of the increase in diagnoses where patients are being diagnosed earlier and therefore require less invasive treatment; a win for both dentists and patients.

    Endodontics chartMore from the author: Exploring average patient cost per practice


    Diagnostic quantity is an indicator that patients are receiving the diagnoses they need to start them on the path to appropriate treatment options. Although, in an ideal world, preventative care would be causing a significant decline in necessary diagnostic procedures, effects of lack of patient care during the Great Recession are still being felt.

    However, the drop in endodontics quantity in the face of more new patients, patient visits and diagnoses is a positive sign that patients are receiving the care they need prior to requiring the expensive intervention of a root canal. Overall, this points to an economic recovery in dentistry and a brighter future for patients’ oral health. 

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    Data analysis for this study was done by Nilesh Malpeddi.

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