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    Komet USA launches Deep Purple™ Diamonds for efficient crown prep

    Extra-coarse diamonds designed to speed, simplify procedures.

    Delivering high-performance, controlled efficiency to facilitate crown preparation procedures for ceramic and all-ceramic crowns, Komet USA’s newly launched, innovative Deep Purple™ diamonds are specially designed for fast, effective substance removal.

    Deep Purple diamond instruments (856XC) feature high-quality and uniformly sized, extra-coarse diamond grains embedded at the optimal depth for effective, rapid, reliable performance. In comparison with any diamond instrument, the new Komet® Deep Purple diamonds offer measurably greater substance removal without sacrificing operator control of the desired primary preparation design.

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    Offered in three sizes (1.6-, 1.8-, and 2.1-mm-diameter heads) to meet specific preparation objectives, Deep Purple diamonds should be operated at an ideal turbine speed of 300,000 rpm or at 160,000 rpm in a red contra angle and at low contact pressure not to exceed 2N, with sufficient cooling spray. After achieving the desired primary preparation with the extra-coarse-grained diamond, the preparation can be finished with an identically matched Komet 8856 finisher that corresponds in size and configuration with the selected Deep Purple diamond.



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