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    Inside Look: A breakthrough in all-tissue laser technology

    With the LiteTouchâ„¢ Er:YAG dental laser, AMD LASERS is making another splash in the dental industry.


    What Dr. Ron Kaminer says about the LiteTouch:

    Q: How did this product technology first come about?  

    A: Hard-tissue lasers have been around for a long time. The LiteTouch is one of the most popular lasers worldwide with many experienced owners in many countries.
    Q: How long a process was the development?  
    A: The newest model was a collaborative effort with many brilliant minds contributing to the features and design of the product.
    Q: How has it been received by clinicians?
    A: Everyone loves the small footprint and the ease of use of the touch screen. Doctors also love how fast it cuts enamel and dentin and how much can be done without anesthetic.
    Q: What makes this laser so special?
    A: As an all-tissue laser the LiteTouch is half the size and far less expensive than any other laser in this class. Not sacrificing on any features makes this laser a great tool for every office.
    Q: What does AMD LASERS do for owners next in terms of training and making sure they’re getting the most out of their new technology?
    A: AMD ensures that every doctor is trained with a full day live training course with some of the most experienced clinicians in the world. The company also sends in a hygienist to the office to train the staff and help with organization and marketing.

    More on LiteTouch

    AMD LASERS, in collaboration with Light Instruments Ltd., recently released the new LiteTouch. This ER:YAG dental laser provides fast-cutting, high-energy non-fiber, and minimally invasive treatment, for hard and soft oral and maxillofacial tissues. LiteTouch offers precision for a wide range of dental procedures. With a cutting-edge ergonomic design, it is described as an affordable, user-friendly all-tissue laser.



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