SprintRay Announces Partnership with Olympic Gold Medalist Usain Bolt

October 18th 2021

Usain Bolt will partner with SprintRay to demonstrate a commitment on both parties in expanding quality health care access to those who need it.

StarAligners Pro Offers New Clear Aligner Solution

October 18th 2021

StarAligners Pro was created by an orthodontic professional and is designed for mild to moderate aligner cases.

Vivos Therapeutics Announces Results of Children and Tooth Decay Study

October 18th 2021

The results of this study demonstrate the value of the Vivos Guide in pediatric sleep-disordered breathing cases.

OraPharma Launches MyPerioHealth App

October 18th 2021

The MyPerioHealth app will allow perio patients to keep track of their disease and to communicate with dental professionals on progress.

New Dental Lab Products Oct./Nov. 2021

October 17th 2021

A look at some of the newest dental lab products from around the industry.