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Two simple ways to add more data to your diagnoses

October 28, 2015

The ideal diagnostic process is a data driven one: the more information a dentist can get, the better you’ll feel about your decisions.

Whether or not dentists were aware of it at the time, diagnosis has always been data driven. Any time you look at a bitewing, drag an explorer across the occlusal surface, or look at a big gap in the margin of an old amalgam, you are gathering data. And the more data you have, the better decisions you’ll make, which is why we’ve covered two simple ways to add more data to your diagnoses.

In this short e-book, you’ll learn how both NIR technology and digital sensors can increase the data you can obtain at every patient exam. Click here to download this free e-book to learn more about it and get started on making your dentistry better, your patients happier, and your practice more successful.