The top 5 e-books of 2014

December 5, 2014
Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2014-12-01, Issue 12

Every year, Dental Products Report compiles lists of the most viewed and most downloaded articles, products, e-books, webinars and how-to guides on  Here are the top five e-books for 2014.  

Every year, Dental Products Report compiles lists of the most viewed and most downloaded articles, products, e-books, webinars and how-to guides on  Here are the top five e-books for 2014.


7 Ways to Avoid Work-Related Pain and Extend Your Career

Pelton & Crane

In their passion to help patients and grow their business, dentists can sometimes forget about one of the most important parts of their continued success: Their own health. Work-related pain can contribute to time off, canceled appointments and even early retirement. With that in mind, the DPR editors worked with the team at Pelton & Crane to bring clinicians these seven ways to avoid work-related pain and, in the process, extend their careers. Readers learn how to take steps now to ensure your future workplace is pain-free.


Take the Smart Path to Going Paperless

Patterson Dental

People have been talking about taking dental practices “paperless” for years, but what’s the best way to really do that? In fact, dental professionals can actually harm their business if they take this crucial step in the wrong way. In this e-book, the editors of DPR partnered with Patterson Dental to explore the important questions dentists need to ask as they go paperless in their practices. The e-book explores why paperless matters, why you should consider it, the steps you need to take to go paperless the right way, how it can save your practice both time and money, and addresses common myths about the paperless practice. If your practice is considering going fully paperless, check out this indispensable guide.

A Guide to Surface Management and Infection Control


Infection control is an issue that will continue to be vital for dental practices to address ... and an often-overlooked part of a good sanitation protocol is surface treatment and management. The editors of Dental Products Report, in conjunction with the experts at Biotrol, put together this guide that can help ensure your practice meets the criteria needed to avoid this common area of infection. You’ll find what you need to know about surface management and be equipped with the knowledge to make your practice a safe place for you, your employees and your patients. 





How to Uncover the Hidden Costs in Your Practice


One of the most common-but overlooked-costs a dental office can incur is by using film-based radiography. The machines, the film itself, the chemicals to develop and the storage costs associated with physical images can all add up to a significant sum. This e-book, written with the support of DEXIS, explains how taking your radiography tools digital can save time, money and stress in your practice. It ignores the trappings of the “latest fad” language that “going digital” can fall into, and instead explores practical and useful ways digital radiography can change your business. 


8 Reasons 'Going Mac' Makes Sense for Dental Practices


For many years, dental professionals didn’t have a choice when it came to the Mac vs. PC debate. But recent innovations have made Apple’s computers a better option than ever for the dental practice. This e-book, written in partnership with Henry Schein/Viive, explains why clinicians shouldn’t overlook Macs-and why the Apple computers can actually be a preferable option for many practices. You’ll learn how Mac technology can provide your business with dependable and innovative technology that can help you grow into the future. 

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