Simple ergonomics: 6 ways to kiss the pain goodbye

October 29, 2015

Nearly two-thirds of dentists who retire early do so because of a musculoskeletal disorder.

As a dental professional, you’ve probably already accepted the pain that comes from doing your job, but you don’t have to! There are simple, effective ways to make practicing dentistry pain-free. There are also ways to help relieve aches, pains, and stress when they do unfortunately arise. In this free e-book, we’ll cover a few of the most effective ways to get your posture back aligned so you can kiss back and neck pain goodbye.

For Dr. Desiree Walker, a dentist who returned to her old life as a gymnast to combat the pain of dentistry, it’s not a matter of if you should adopt healthier ergonomic habits, it’s a matter of how soon you can get started.

Download this free e-book to see how your loupes, patient and dental chair, position, clothing, and dental-specific exercises can alleviate your pain and prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

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