Artificial Intelligence Deepfake Tom Hanks Used Without Permission for Dental Advertisement


Hollywood actor Tom Hanks had his likeness stolen by a company that utilized artificial technology, aiming to promote a dental plan.

Artificial Intelligence Deepfake Tom Hanks Used Without Permission for Dental Advertisement. Image credit: © Tom Hanks

Artificial Intelligence Deepfake Tom Hanks Used Without Permission for Dental Advertisement. Image credit: © Tom Hanks

Actor Tom Hanks took to Instagram on October 1st, 2023, to warn his followers on what appears to be a version of him advertising a dental plan. This version, per Hanks’s post, is not real and was generated using the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

“Beware!! There’s a video out there promoting some dental plan with an AI version of me. I have nothing to do with it.” Hanks wrote in the post. At the time of posting, Hanks did not reveal the company that stole his likeness for the advertisement.

At the time of the social media post, Hanks refrained from disclosing the identity of the company responsible for employing his likeness in the dental advertisement. This incident sheds light on the evolving landscape where AI intersects with the entertainment industry, raising questions about the legal and ethical implications of such technological advancements. The unauthorized use of Tom Hanks's image prompts a broader discussion about the potential ramifications of AI deepfake technology, which is not limited to the dental world but extends into Hollywood and beyond. As AI becomes increasingly sophisticated, instances of celebrities having their identities exploited without consent may become more commonplace.

In oral health care, AI serves a different purpose, for example it can be a tool for treatment planning and diagnostics. While there may not be concerns of a Hollywood actor’s face and voice being used, regulatory AI worries are not foreign in the dental profession.

One primary concern revolves around patient privacy and data security. AI systems often rely on vast datasets for training, and the sensitive nature of dental records raises questions about how patient information is handled, stored, and protected. Striking a balance between harnessing the power of AI for improved diagnostics and treatment planning while safeguarding patient confidentiality is a regulatory tightrope that requires meticulous oversight.

Another pressing issue is the standardization of AI algorithms and their validation for clinical use. Ensuring that these algorithms meet rigorous criteria for accuracy and reliability is paramount to prevent misdiagnoses or inadequate treatment recommendations. Regulatory frameworks must evolve to establish benchmarks for the validation of AI applications, fostering trust among dental practitioners and patients alike.

The ethical considerations surrounding AI in dentistry extend to issues such as informed consent and transparency. Patients must be made aware of the use of AI in their dental care, understanding the implications and potential outcomes. Regulatory guidelines should mandate clear communication practices, ensuring that patients have a comprehensive understanding of how AI augments their oral healthcare.

Back in the realm of Hollywood, it’s unclear whether Hanks will pursue any kind of legal action against the company that used his likeness without his express consent, though this may be a sure sign of future foibles with celebrities and AI.

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