Practice Management


With COVID-19 hurting dental practices, more are looking to sell

September 11, 2020

After the COVID-19 disruption, some practice owners are having difficulty seeing a profitable practice in their future.

Dreamers & Doers: Hamilton Capital – “What’s often overlooked is that the practice is the engine that builds financial independence”

September 01, 2020

Special Advertising Content: Hamilton Capital Chairman and CEO R. Matthew Hamilton, CFP® discusses what sets his firm apart among wealth management companies.

The 10 Best (and Five Worst) Cities for Dentists in 2020

August 05, 2020

Using publically reported data from a range of sources, we've identified the best locations for dentists to live and work, as well as some of the most challenging locales.

Evaluating retirement plans post-COVID-19

July 21, 2020

Dentists need to understand finances, safety and the future during these pandemic times.

Don’t lose hope even if pandemic causes financial, emotional turmoil

June 17, 2020

Don’t lose hope even if pandemic causes financial, emotional turmoil. Dentists hit hard by COVID-19 are not alone and need to be aware that there are solutions and methods for recovery available.

Be aware of differences between the S corporation and the LLC

May 11, 2020

Be aware of differences between the S corporation and the LLC. It is of critical importance to discuss the differences with your dental CPA so that when planning for taxes, there are no surprises.

In tough times, the dental industry bands together

April 24, 2020

Special Report: Dentistry During COVID-19-Financial Strategies. New and established lending programs-both government and private-are doing their part to help dental practices hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to handle payment collections the right way

April 14, 2020

While not a pleasant task, establishing processes to ensure consistency in your collection processes and organization in your tracking and communications will ultimately lead to improved financial health for your practice.

Keeping up with the new order of business for SBA loans and coronavirus relief, support

April 08, 2020

Dentists have been hit hard financially during this COVID-19 crisis, but there are programs available and practices should review the application process as soon as possible.

Seek expert financial advice to explore opportunities brought on during this economic and health pandemic

April 07, 2020

The coronavirus and the financial struggles caused by it may allow dental practices to take advantage of trying to increase the reportable income of the practices that have had their finances decimated.