Legacy Labs: Schmitt Dental Laboratory

March 21, 2012

The job ad called for a driver who also wouldn’t mind doing sweeping and other light clean-up work. No weekend work was required and it also promised to teach skills that could be turned into a profession. Mary Ann Miles was fresh out of high school when she responded to that ad 40 years ago. She never guessed that it would turn into a lifelong occupation and that she would become a co-owner of Schmitt Dental Laboratory Inc. in Saginaw, Mich.

Tech Smart: Input Adjustments

March 21, 2012

I can still remember the first time I came across a computer mouse when a childhood friend was showing me the brand new Apple Macintosh computer in the corner of his family’s kitchen. Sure, I’d grown up in a house where there was always at least one machine, but our tan and brown Commodore 64 was text controlled, forcing me to quickly learn both rudimentary typing and the basic commands in order to use the computer on my own. So when I encountered that pixilated cursor and the new concept of pointing and clicking, I was completely blown away.

Tech Smart: A bite from the Apple

March 21, 2012

Today Apple launched its latest generation of the iPhone, and as always seems to be the case when this company is launching something new, the media and general public are rapt in anticipation. However, this launch was the company’s first big move since founder and technology icon Steve Jobs stepped down from an active roll in running things and the press event seemed a bit lackluster without his smirking boasts about the wonderful things the company's latest can do.

Legacy Labs: Renstrom Dental Studio

March 21, 2012

Working in a cramped space in a dentist’s office no larger than a closet is how Robert Renstrom got his start in the dental industry. That job gave him the experience needed to start Renstrom Dental Studio Inc., which is still going strong and is now owned by his sons, Randy and Rick Renstrom.