Do your clinical team and business team connect? [VIDEO]

October 22, 2013

As part of our Morning Huddle e-newsletter, DPR partnered with notable practice management consultants to provide quick video tips to get your team talking. Cathy Jameson, Ph.D. goes over six strategies to ensure meetings benefit everyone on the dental team.

How to perform a Class II restoration using a dual-shade technique [VIDEO]

June 10, 2013

DPR has launched a new eNewsletter: Technique Geek. Each week, we'll feature a video technique of a product in use, offering step-by-step examples of clinical success. Subscribe here to make sure you receive them all.

Vident introduces VITA ENAMIC

April 11, 2013

An entirely new category of CAD/CAM material, VITA ENAMIC® is the first hybrid dental ceramic in the world with a dual-network structure that combines the best properties of ceramic and composite materials.

How to place durable, comfortable soft relines

March 12, 2013

Soft reline material is used everyday in dentistry, the challenge lies in finding a sturdy, yet comfortable, material that resists odor buildup, is easy to apply, and can be cleaned by the patient without damage to the lining material. Affordability of any dental material or equipment is also a factor when deciding to implement a new product on the clinic.

3 Steps to more effective case presentation [VIDEO]

March 01, 2013

As part of our Morning Huddle e-newsletter, DPR partnered with notable practice management consultants to provide quick video tips to get your team talking. Cathy Jameson, Ph.D. on how to set the stage for the best reception and response to treatment plans you present.

How to talk with your patients about cosmetic dentistry

March 01, 2013

If you've found the sweet spot for cosmetic dentistry demand in your practice, Dr. Harvey Silverman now tells you how to take the next step: Getting your patients to say “yes.” As part of DPR's 10 Minute Easy Smile Makeover series, here's how to talk to your patients about cosmetic dentistry.

Get your team members to enhance the cosmetic dentistry experience

March 01, 2013

Looking to get more patients interested in cosmetic dentistry? Get your team involved. As part of DPR's 10 Minute Easy Smile Makeover series, here's how to get your team members to enhance the cosmetic dentistry experience.

How to be smarter about dental brand management

February 28, 2013

If marketing is about communicating with the public, then the sub-discipline known as branding is about projecting a unique identity that enables a dental practice to be memorable and recognizable. And so, a good dental marketing plan begins with answering this simple question: “Why should I (the patient) pick this dentist over any other?"

Xlear donation helps NCOHF protect smiles

February 28, 2013

Charlotte, February 2013 - Xlear Inc., an industry leader for xylitol-based products, has donated more than $80,000 in Spry® gumball machines and gumballs containing xylitol to National Children’s Oral Health Foundation: America’s ToothFairy® (NCOHF).  As a result of this donation, 74 NCOHF Affiliates have received a Spry® gumball machine and gumballs to share with their patients.

NCOHF: America’s ToothFairy gives talented teen a reason to smile

February 28, 2013

14-year old Savannah Robinson received a standing ovation during her performance at the recent Celebration of Smiles event. She’s part of the Tomorrow’s Smiles program, and couldn’t be more grateful for what the program means to her: a smile.  

Cross train your team

February 28, 2013

You’ve done a lot to make your practice more efficient, from adding new technologies to finding better ways to communicate with your patients. It all makes a difference, but if you really want an efficient practice, you might want to think about cross training your team when possible.

What should you do if someone faints in your practice?

February 27, 2013

It’s good to be prepared for the unexpected every day. Did you know that fainting is the most common medical emergency in dentistry affecting patients? But the good part is it’s also easy to handle and manage … if you’re prepared.

Put what you learned at the Midwinter Meeting to use in your practice

February 27, 2013

Between CE and the time spent walking the tradeshow floor, anyone who attended last week’s Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting learned about a lot of new products and techniques designed to improve the way dentists practice. Problem is, all too often dentists walk away with this information and never incorporate any of it into their daily routine.

Kettenbach LP releases Visalys Temp for provisional crowns and bridges [VIDEO]

February 26, 2013

Kettenbach LP's Visalys® Temp reportedly sets new materials standards for provisional crowns and bridges. Visalys® Temp is said to ensure demonstrably stronger temporaries that are highly esthetic, more fracture-resistant and manufactured without BPA.

Brasseler USA says its EndoSequence BC Sealer is redefining the endodontic obturation approach

February 26, 2013

Brasseler USA® has announced that its EndoSequence® BC Sealer™, a component of the company’s complete EndoSequence endodontic obturation system, has been embraced by the dental community as a revelation for root canal sealing and healing.

BIOMET 3i and Sirona Dental collaborate for digital solutions simplifying restorations

February 26, 2013

BIOMET 3i announced a new collaboration with Sirona Dental, Inc. that utilizes the BIOMET 3i BellaTek® Encode® Impression System with the CEREC AC with Bluecam and CEREC AC with Omnicam. The collaboration will create intraoral impressions for custom abutments, resulting in simplified aesthetic restorations.

Colgate introduces new PreviDent® 5000 Booster Plus, prescription-only fluoride toothpaste

February 22, 2013

Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals announced the latest in its line of PreviDent products with the launch of PreviDent 5000 Boost Plus. The prescription-only home fluoride therapy toothpaste was launched at a Thursday morning press conference in Chicago.

Gendex introduces Scatter Reduction Technology (SRT™) to Cone Beam 3D

February 20, 2013

Gendex introduces SRT, Scatter Reduction Technology, to its award-winning GXDP-700™ Cone Beam 3D system. This new feature allows clinicians to reduce artifacts caused by metal or radio-opaque objects such as restorations, endodontic filling materials, and implant posts. 

PROTAPER NEXT endodontic file system refined for greater efficiency

February 19, 2013

DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties has introduced its newest innovation and an expansion of it endodontic file system. PROTAPER NEXT is the same variable taper design found in the original ProTaper that clinicians have turned to for more than a decade, but refined to improve performance.

Komet USA launches one-step polishers for composites

February 19, 2013

Exclusively designed for one-step final polishing of composites, Komet’s new light-yellow polishers feature a special silicone bond that provides outstanding flexibility and conformation to tooth anatomy.

How to create a crown on tooth No. 19 with the 3M True Definition Scanner

February 18, 2013

February 19, 2013, marks the launch of our newest eNewsletter, Technique Geek. Each week, we'll feature a video technique of a product in use, offering step-by-step examples of clinical success. In this case, 3M ESPE offers a video how-to of Dr. Donald Erickson demonstrating how to create a crown on tooth No. 19 using the 3MTM True Definition Scanner.

DPR Friday: Create a more efficient practice, Midwinter product preview [VIDEO]

February 14, 2013

51 ways to boost efficiency in your practice, plus the first half of our ones to watch preview for the Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting. Welcome to this week’s episode of DPR Friday. I’m Thais Carter, Director of Content for Advanstar Dental Media. Assembling this month’s cover story on 51 Ways to Boost Practice Efficiency has been a surprisingly fun task...

Cosmedent sponsors composite coaching course

February 14, 2013

Are you tired of inconsistent results from your lab technicians? Are your laboratory expenses eating away at your overhead? If you want to take greater control of the restorative dentistry in your practice, then this two-day workshop in downtown Chicago April 11-12 is for you.

Ultradent Products names executive VP

February 12, 2013

SOUTH JORDAN, UT - Erwin Fischer has been appointed executive vice president of Ultradent Products Inc. As executive vice president, Erwin will continue working closely with Dr. Dan Fischer, president and CEO of Ultradent, to build upon the company’s vision to improve oral health globally.

7 tips to strengthen your patient-geared practice

February 12, 2013

We’ve rounded up some of Dental Products Report's best “Patient Tips of the Day” in an effort to help you better your patient relations and boost retention rates. Here are seven pieces of patient-geared wisdom to consider. Simply click each one to learn more and dig deeper into our tidbits of advice. 01 Want to put fearful patients at ease? Offer to give them a tour of your practice before their first appointment.

3M ESPE receives “Most Innovative” recognition for eighth consecutive year

February 11, 2013

3M ESPE has been named the most innovative company in the worldwide dental industry for the eighth consecutive year, based on new product approvals and international patents. The Anaheim Group, distributor of Dental Fax Weekly, published the finding in its 2012 Dental Industry Review.

Dental health benefits linked to breastfeeding

February 11, 2013

A recent study published by The American Dental Association reports a direct link to breastfeeding infants and increased oral health. The journal report is an effort to keep dental professionals updated on health-related benefits of breastfeeding.

New courses added to Ivoclar Vivadent’s curriculum schedule

February 11, 2013

Ivoclar Vivadent is offering a wide array of educational courses in 2013, including two new procedural based workshops for laboratory technicians and ceramists, as well as master level courses taught by world-renowned ceramists and educators. These courses complement Ivoclar Vivadent's extensive curriculum of technology, masters, In-Lab, and removable program sessions.

New mobile app lets dentists manage practice communications on the go

February 08, 2013

PatientActivator®, the patient communication and online marketing software from 1-800-DENTIST®, has launched a free mobile app that gives dentists easy access to the powerful practice communication and marketing tool right from their mobile phone.

Atlantic Precious Metal Refining expands online presence

February 04, 2013

Atlantic Precious Metal Refining, a Pittsburgh-based precious metal refinery serving dental professionals worldwide, recently unveiled its redesigned corporate website and announced the company’s official launch into social media via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.