How to recruit the best dental team for your practice

May 06, 2014

In this new practice management column, Penny Reed of Penny Reed and Associates shares tips and advice to help your dental practice thrive. In this second installment, she tells you how to make sure you always have high quality candidates to turn to when a position opens up at your practice.

Kevin Henry assumes role as Group Editorial Director for Advanstar Dental Media

September 14, 2013

Advanstar Communications  announced today that Kevin Henry has joined the dental group as Group Content Director, tasked with further developing a content strategy that embraces multi-platform storytelling while maintaining a laser-like focus on audience.

Precise SHP merges diode laser technology with Apple iPod touch OS [VIDEO]

September 05, 2013

DPR chatted with the CAO Group’s MD Division Vice President Steve Hardy about the Precise SHP, a new diode laser system the company launched at last week’s California Dental Association trade show in San Francisco, Calif.

REVIEW: Zirc's Mr. Thirsty offers affordability, ease of use, effective evacuation and more

August 26, 2013

Contemporary Products Solutions tapped Dr. Phillip Talley from Innovative Smiles at the Forum to offer his take on Zirc Dental's Mr. Thirsty evacuation and isolation product.  Read on to find out what Dr. Talley and his team had to say about the device.

How to place comfortable soft relines [VIDEO]

August 26, 2013

Each week, DPR explores a different dental technique how to with our Technique Geek series. You can get each Technique Geek in your inbox for free here. We feature video techniques of a product in use, offering step-by-step examples of clinical success.

How to get hands-free access to charts, x-rays and more with Boomer the Foot Mouse

August 26, 2013

Set to launch at the ADA’s 2013 conference in New Orleans on October 31st, Boomer the Foot Mouse is said to offer enhanced hands-free features, including opening x-rays, schedule checking and intra-oral camera operation.

CDA Presents: DenMat’s Perfectemp® 10 offers high luster with litte to no polishing, plus much more

August 23, 2013

Previewed at the California Dental Association trade show in San Francisco, Calif., Perfectemp 10 from DenMat is a multifunctional acrylic temporary crown and bridge material that reportedly offers stronger, more esthetic temporaries with a high luster that requires little to no polishing.

Dentsply Caulk’s line of restorative products offer optimized Class II procedures

August 20, 2013

Prime & Bond elect™ Universal Adhesive and TPH Spectra™ focus on the processes of isolation, adhesion, composite placement, and polishing as they coalesce to form reportedly excellent Class II composite restorations. 

7 tips on how to handle an irate caller [VIDEO]

August 19, 2013

Telephone skills are critical to establishing and maintaining excellent relationships with patients. But sometimes that's not easy! From time to time an angry, or irate, patient calls testing all of your telephone skills, your people skills, and your patience.

Midwest® Automate™ handpiece maintenance system offers ease of use and optimized long-term performance

August 19, 2013

The Midwest Automate 4-port automated handpiece maintenance system from Dentsply Professional reportedly offers accurate and consistent cleaning, lubricating and expelling, plus provides ease of use and flexibility for use with a wide range of handpieces. 

Keystone Industries unveils new easy-to-navigate, interactive website

August 14, 2013

Keystone Industries has rolled out an updated version of its website with a new facelift, including a new look to the front page slideshow, a more navigable footer, links to our blog and other social media and more.

The Clear Collection by Hu-Friedy helps ease the clear aligner experience for patients

August 06, 2013

Slated for a global launch later this year, Hu-Friedy’s Clear Collection of transparent orthodontic aligner instruments provides four designs that reportedly aid in accenting, individualizing and optimizing the in-office clear aligner’s biomechanics.

Researchers use human urine to create new teeth

August 02, 2013

A new study published in Cell Regeneration Journal reports that stem cells collected from human urine can be used to create tooth-like structures. The study, which was conducted by Duanqing Pei and colleagues, gives rise to the hope that the technique might one day be used to help grow new teeth for dental patients.