The secret answers to better telephone skills

January 30, 2013

All your marketing dollars go to waste if your secretary isn’t well-trained to handle new patient phone calls. You may invest thousands in direct mail, website upgrades or tens of thousands in television commercials because you need new patients.

Weekly News Roundup July 19-26, 2012

August 02, 2012

For general dentists and lab technicians looking to stay current with industry news, here’s a wrap up of some of the biggest news articles posted to during the past week.

Tuesday's Patient Tip of the Day

July 31, 2012

Don’t let them leave without a statement. Customers like to have receipts for services rendered. Yet, in the thousands of offices Penny Reed Limoli, owner of the Reed Limoli Group, has visited, few of them make sure the patient leaves with a walk-out statement.  ?

Monday's Patient Tip of the Day - Week 2

July 30, 2012

Remember it’s not always about money. Sure, cost is typically a factor when a patient says no to treatment, but you shouldn’t assume that’s always the reason patients don’t want to proceed, said Kathleen O’Donnell, director of consulting at Jameson Management.

The environmental impact of a paperless dental practice [VIDEO]

July 30, 2012

The Eco-Dentistry Association's  former Director Susan Beck discusses the ways paperless systems are not only beneficial to a dental practice's bottom line, but also to the planet. Going paperless provides a way for practices to improve efficiencies and also become more friendly to the environment through a variety of high-tech ways.

DUX Dental selects Mammograms In Action to receive 2012 Bib-Eze for Boob-Eze Campaign

July 25, 2012

DUX Dental, located in Oxnard, Calif., is well known for its quality dental products that range from leaded aprons, to temporary cements, to disposable bib holders and much more.The company, which has manufactured and distributed these products worldwide for more than five decades, has now conducted its “Bib-Eze for Boob-Eze” campaign for four years.?

How to outsmart your disability insurance policy

July 25, 2012

Your hands are your livelihood. In a flash, a career that took decades to achieve can come to an end. Meanwhile, the monthly bills keep rolling in and financial obligations mount as you’re out of work. This is an unpleasant but important topic for all dentists.

Theodent "Chocolate" Toothpaste Wins Prestigious International Award For Product Design: The Red Dot

July 23, 2012

NEW ORLEANS, July 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- New Orleans nascent biotech company, Theodent, has been awarded one of the most prestigious international design awards in the world, the Red Dot for innovative product design, for their unconventional "chocolate toothpaste" packaging.

Monday's Patient Tip of the Day - Week 1

July 23, 2012

Tell them what’s in it for them. Want to improve patient case acceptance in your practice? Make sure you’re using benefit statements when you present treatment, said Lois Banta of Banta Consulting.  

Top 3 Ways Patients Benefit from Paperless Technologies

July 23, 2012

Digitalization in the dental office can add to-not take away from-your focused attention on quality dental care and excellent “people care.” The third installment to Dental Products Report's Paperless Video Series breaks down the top three ways a paperless system can enhance the dental patient's experience.  

DPR Friday: Prevent failures, impress patients

July 20, 2012

This week's episode of DPR Friday features Dr. Leonard Hess's column on preventing clinical failures. Getting it right the first time is just one of the Dawson Academy team member's tips. The three major forms of failure that Dr. Hess will explain are bacteria, force management and esthetics and patient comfort.

Dental Product Roundup for the week of July 16, 2012

July 20, 2012

Fifteen new dental products debuted on for the week of July 16, 2012. The products categories represented by these newcomers range from digital radiography and technology to equipment and infection control.

Now you can effectively share treatment plans with patients without wasting time

July 20, 2012

The second installment to Dental Products Report's Paperless Video Series highlights the practical benefits associated with going paperless. While paperless workflows create large, big picture benefits for a dental practice, this portion of the series dials back to the simpler, more practical advantages.  

Friday Patient Tip of the Day

July 20, 2012

Get them thinking long term. Your patients have plenty of short-term reasons why they can’t go through with treatment, from it’s too expensive to they just don’t think it’s necessary, and that’s why it’s important for you to talk with them about their long-term goals.

Weekly News Roundup July 12-18, 2012

July 20, 2012

For general dentists and lab technicians looking to stay current with industry news, here’s a wrap up of some of the biggest news articles posted to during the past week.  

Wednesday Patient Tip of the Day

July 18, 2012

You have to communicate. One way to do it? Use routing slips or patient information forms at check-in.  Excellent communication is one of the keys to long-term patient satisfaction, said Penny Reed Limoli, owner of the Reed Limoli Group. 

Dental Product Round-Up for the week of July 9, 2012

July 18, 2012

New dental products posted on for the week of July 9, 2012 include several hygiene products that patients can use at home as well as a new dental models and a new cleaning solution. Those products are...  

TotalCare whitepaper designed to help dental practices with infection control

July 17, 2012

Kerr TotalCare, the makers of CaviCide1 and CaviWipes1 dental infection control products, has made available a whitepaper written by Nancy Andrews, RDH, AP, designed to help today’s dental professionals meet all of their infection control needs.

DPR Friday: Highlights from Tech Census 2012 and Pride "Best of Class" Award Honorees

July 13, 2012

This week's episode of DPR Friday brings you an inside look at a few of the Pride Institute "Best of Class" honorees. This feature will appear each month leading up to the ADA Annual Session, allowing the technology panel to explain why they chose this year's winners.

Minneapolis dentist, former NFL lineman Williams dies at 66

July 12, 2012

Long before professional athletes’ salaries skyrocketed, it was common for even star athletes to find off-season work to earn a little extra cash. You might see baseball players bartending in the winter and football players serving as bouncers or furniture movers in the summer, while hockey and basketball players might be doubling up as insurance salesmen while not in action.

Patient Tip of the Day

July 10, 2012

Be on time. Your patients are busy people. They don’t have time to sit in your waiting room, wondering when their name will be called. No good can come from annoying your patients with a long wait. In fact, it could lead them to the practice down the street.

Henry Schein, ReDent Nova reach new agreement

July 10, 2012

Henry Schein Inc., the world's largest provider of health care products and services to office-based dental, medical and animal health practitioners, and ReDent Nova, a Tel Aviv-based dental company, have reached a new global agreement.

July Book Review: 6 steps to replace multi-tasking with organization

July 09, 2012

DPR editors have compiled a list of must-read books with your dental practice in mind. The concepts and ideas conveyed through each book can easily translate into your dental practice, among your staff and even your patients.  

UCLA School of Dentistry gets $5 million from NIH to train future leaders in oral health research

July 07, 2012

In recent years, faculty members at the UCLA School of Dentistry have been expanding the traditional boundaries of dentistry through groundbreaking multidisciplinary research that has led to major advances in everything from stem cell science to saliva diagnostics. 

Friday's Patient Tip

July 06, 2012

Appearance Matters. Patients will judge your practice based on how you and your team members dress. If you show up to work wearing something inappropriate for the operatory, they’ll notice and they’ll talk to their friends and family about that dishevelled dentist or that hygienist with the thong showing through her uniform.

Free Hereaus Educational Webinar set for July 18

July 05, 2012

Dr. Warren Roberts, DMD, will conduct a free Heraeus educational webinar on Wednesday, July 18. The all-day event will offer one CE credit to participants who are looking to expand their services to include rejuvenation treatments.  

Patient Tip of the Day

July 05, 2012

Your patients are your practice. Without them, where would you be? You have to know the best ways to attract them to your practice, get them to accept treatment and make them happy, life-long patients. That’s where we can help. Check back regularly for tips on how to keep your patients happy, healthy and loyal.  

ClearCorrect reaches new milestone with charitable project

July 03, 2012

ClearCorrect LLC, a leading manufacturer of clear aligners, reached a milestone in its charitable project, Phase Out. Since the launch of its first initiative with charity: water (phase out unsafe drinking water) on Jan. 1, 2012, ClearCorrect has raised over $60,000, which will help about 3,000 people gain access to clean and safe drinking water. 

Dental books you won't want to put down

July 02, 2012

No doubt that Charlene Wexler’s many years of working in a dental practice has influenced what she writes. Her first book, “Murder on Skid Row,” was published in 2010 and is about a newly minted dentist who starts his practice in a seedy part of Chicago in the mid-1960s because he wants to serve Chicago’s most needy people, but gets caught up in a murder investigation. Her second book, “Milk and Oranges,” is a compilation of her short fiction stories and essays.

How to turn negative feedback into a positive outcome for your practice [VIDEO]

July 02, 2012

The third video interview in a series on social media with Dr. Edward Zuckerberg, the dentist dad of Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg, touches on the fears that dental professionals have about using social media and why they should overcome them.