Dental Infographic: Dream Smiles Made Clear with Invisalign [VIDEO]

January 13, 2014

Life is full of necessary evils.  Waiting in line at the DMV. Paying taxes. Wearing orthodontic braces.  Looking back on when I had braces, it's hard for me not to think the experience was a little like going to high school: I'm glad I did it, but I'm equally glad I never have to do it again.

How to simplify single-patient workflows with 3 easy-to-use diagnostic dental products [VIDEO]

June 28, 2013

A new video from Air Techniques illustrates how to streamline single-patient workflows without sacrificing treatment quality by using the ScanX Swift digital radiography system, Polaris Intraoral Camera and Spectra Caries Detection Aid in cooperation with one another.

Enhanced Colgate PreviDent Varnish® offers higher fluoride uptake and easy application.

June 27, 2013

Said to be ideal for both children and adults, enhanced Colgate PreviDent Varnish 5% Sodium Fluoride contains 22,600 ppm of fluoride, offering four times the fluoride uptake into lesioned enamel and three times the uptake into strong enamel.

Top 5 reasons to incorporate the i-CAT® FLX into your dental practice

June 27, 2013

The i-CAT® FLX is an advanced 3D imaging solution that enables quick diagnoses with less radiation, and allows clinicians to develop treatment plans more easily and accurately. Its i-Collimator electronically adjusts the field of view to limit radiation only to the area of scanning interest, while its small footprint enables it to fit easily into any practice.

SDI changes up Poladay and Polanight dispenser box style to impress more of your patients

June 19, 2013

Having whiter teeth can increase a patient’s self-confidence and body image. From the first purchase onward, your patient wants to feel good and  feel like they have been to a cosmetic counter or a beautician, not a pharmacy or a dentist. 

ADA severs ties with Dr. Oz over dental amalgam statement

June 18, 2013

According to the ADA’s website, the association has severed its ties with Sharecare, a consumer health and wellness site co-founded by Mehmet Oz, M.D., after he made misleading comments about dental amalgam during a March 28 episode of “The Dr. Oz Show.”

Why documentation with your employees matters [VIDEO]

June 14, 2013

Save yourself any future practice problems; document everything. In this Morning Huddle, Ali Oromchian Esq. discusses why you should keep a paper trail of every encounter you have with your employees and team.

REVIEW: Two dentists give DentiMax Dream Sensors high praise with 5 star reviews

June 13, 2013

Doctors Kent Stapley and Ray Elliotte offer compliments and perspective on what makes the DentiMax Dream Sensor a stand-out product in the crowded dental digital radiography market – namely, the boxless sensor’s cost, quality and outstanding customer support.

See the One-Peel™ cleanup of Kerr’s Nexus RMGI cement [VIDEO]

June 12, 2013

Kerr Dental’s new Nexus™ RMGI combines One-Peel™ cleanup, tack cure capability, and outstanding bond strength for consistent predictable outcomes. See the One-Peel™ cleanup first hand in the following sneak peek video:  

Weekly dental infographic: For Tooth's Sake

June 07, 2013

No one understands the disconnect between the oral hygiene practices dentists recommend and what patients actually do more than dental practitioners.  This week's infographic illustrates that disconnect, plus provides proper at-home dental care information and lays out the financial costs of not doing what the doctor recommends.

Dentists aren’t the only ones who promote good oral health. Find out why NASCAR driver Greg Biffle loves Gives Kids a Smile.

June 07, 2013

The results on the track so far this NASCAR season have not been great for Greg Biffle, the driver of the No. 16 3M Ford Fusion, yet he and his fans have plenty of reasons to smile with the upcoming Sprint Cup Series Quicken Loans 400 slated for Father’s Day.

Catch up with the week's latest product announcements - June 7th, 2013

June 07, 2013

This week was full of big product launches from dental industry leaders - Air Techniques' ScanX Swift digital radiography system, Kerr Dental's Nexus RMGI and more.  Read on to catch up with the latest products making waves this week.

Chicago Dental Society Foundation opens free dental clinic

June 06, 2013

Nearly two years after the DuPage Community Clinic shuttered its dental practice, leaving uninsured patients with few local options, the Chicago Dental Society Foundation Dental Clinic has opened in Wheaton. Volunteer dentists and hygienists are providing free basic dental care to uninsured patients from DuPage,Cook and Lake counties. Patients need only to show proof of residency and income below 200 percent of the poverty level.

Red Dot Design Awards hail 3M ESPE products for their innovation and groundbreaking design

June 04, 2013

The long-running and prestigious Red Dot Design Awards honored 3M ESPE’s 3M™ ESPE™ Intra-oral Syringe and the 3M™ ESPE™ Retraction Capsule, recognizing in both products the company’s dedication and commitment to solving problems through groundbreaking design.

Completing posterior restorations faster and with greater ease [VIDEO]

June 04, 2013

The only easy-to-use bulk fill composite that does not call for an additional capping layer, SonicFill offers sonic activation that allows for the rapid flow of composite into the cavity, resulting in reportedly easy placement and better adaptation.