The XLDent software suite in your practice

August 21, 2012

The XLDent Suite is a completely mobile dental software system designed for the Tablet PC and wireless technology. This allows for flexibility in the delivery of patient care while enabling doctors and staff members to create an interactive patient experience. Developed with the latest software design methodologies, the suite features a robust, easy-to-use practice management system with a customizable patient screen, a dental appointment scheduler, a post-treatment screen, dental reports and patient history.

What dentists need to know about insurance exemption

July 25, 2012

Recently the New York Times reported that President Obama is threatening to strip the insurance industries’ exemption to the antitrust laws because the insurance industry is using “deceptive and dishonest” advertisements to derail his health insurance reform. At the same time, the Senate Judiciary Committee is conducting hearings on the antitrust exemption for insurance companies. Senate Bill S.1681 has been introduced in the Senate to prevent insurance industry price fixing, bid rigging and market allocation. 

Could former staff steal your patients?

July 03, 2012

An associate or hygienist you’ve worked with for years has decided to leave the practice, and not on the best of terms. This colleague may feel slighted or angry for one reason or another, and will use those negative feelings to justify trying to convince your patients to leave as well. This colleague may not even feel any animosity toward you or the practice, but still might feel entitled to the patients you’ve both worked with for years.