From the Office Manager's Desk: Managing the schedule

May 12, 2012

One of the most critical responsibilities an office manager has is to manage the schedule. The dentist wants it to be productive. The hygienists want it to be full. The assistants want it to have enough time to turn over rooms and catch up on cleaning instruments. The secretaries are busy trying to fill the schedule when it has holes and confirm and take care of patients when it’s full.

Dentist enjoys photography outside the dental office

March 22, 2012

Whether capturing a peaceful image of a sunset bathing a Great Horned Owl in a golden glow or the excitement of a vertical leap made by a major league baseball player going for a seemingly impossible catch, Terry Bond’s hobby of photography provides an enjoyable respite and a way to keep his batteries charged as a dentist. Wild life and sports are the focal points of Bond’s photography. 

GC Corporation CEO talks 90 years of dental progress

March 21, 2012

In light of GC Corporation's 90th anniversary, Thais Carter sat down last Fall with Makoto Nakao, CEO for GC Corporation, at the ADA Annual Session to discuss key concepts behind the company's success and plans for new products to come.

ITI seeks submissions for 2012 research prize

March 21, 2012

Basel, Switzerland, January 11, 2012 – The International Team for Implantology (ITI), a leading academic organization dedicated to the promotion of evidence-based education and research in the field of implant dentistry, is inviting submissions for the highly regarded André Schroeder Research Prize as of February 1, 2012.

Restored smile, renewed hope

March 21, 2012

This is the story about Zeb, a promising Brooklyn high school student who privately suffered pain and embarrassment stemming from the effects of poor oral health. He was afraid to smile when asked to “say cheese” for a camera and dreaded meeting new people, fearing ridicule once they saw his unsightly smile.

Exclusive interview with VOCO's Leif Ebert

March 21, 2012

In the January 2012 issue of Dental Products Report, VOCO America President Leif Ebert was profiled in the 10 Questions article. Here is the complete version of Ebert's interview with DPR Executive Editor Stan Goff.  

Hot rods accelerate orthodontist's practice

March 21, 2012

Call it cheeseburger in paradise, movie mania, hot rod heaven or a yearning for yesteryear. No matter how you label it, David Myer’s orthodontic office, which is designed to look like a 1950s gas station/soda shop/old-time movie theater, makes visits for young patients more fun.

Looking Ahead: Part II

March 21, 2012

Editor's Note: This is the web follow-up to our January cover story, "Looking Ahead: Industry Insiders Forecast Future Trends."   There is no sure way to predict what to expect in the year to come. launches get delayed. economic issues reshape expectations. Patient behavior can be…unpredictable.

Ask the Lawyer

March 21, 2012

Do you have a legal question? Dental Products Report Legal Analyst Michael Sacopulos addresses reader questions. Q: My practice has a fair amount of accounts receivable. Should I hire a collection agency or a law firm to work on these accounts?

What's for lunch?

March 21, 2012

Lisa Harper Mallonee, the mother of two children ages 2 and 3, wasn’t happy with the food being served at the preschool they attend. She noticed that sugary snacks and fatty meats were the norm. “They served Cheerios and apple juice at snack time,” she said. “I suggested using string cheese instead of Cheerios and turkey hotdogs instead of baloney hotdogs.”

Dental Cartoon Contest

March 21, 2012

Back by popular demand, our Dental Cartoon Contest has returned. We will be posting exclusive dental cartoons every month for your viewing and caption writing fun. We are asking you to tell the story of what's happening in the cartoon. Write your most creative caption and submit it below to see if yours will be featured as a finalist.