A reading list for the evolving dental team

June 12, 2012

DPR editors have compiled a list of must-read books with your dental practice's management goals in mind. The concepts and ideas conveyed through each book can easily translate into your dental practice, among your staff and even your patients. #2 New York Times Best Seller: The Power of Habit: Why we do what we do in life and business

Top 5 reasons why your dental practice needs a website

May 17, 2012

America undeniably loves the Internet. More than 180 million Americans use the Internet at least once a month. Close to 80 percent of Americans use the Internet to search for health information, and among them, 54 percent specifically look for healthcare providers. Given these statistics, it’s no surprise that there are over 11 million Internet searches for dentists within a given month. 1. Your Practice is Open to the World 24/7, 365 Days a Year

UPDATE: Race day round-up

April 29, 2012

The American Dental Association’s (ADA) Give Kids A Smile® program, Henry Schein, Inc., 3M ESPE Dental and NASCAR star Greg Biffle teamed up to deliver miles of smiles Friday at Richmond International Raceway.   &n

VIDEO: Give Kids a Smile and NASCAR - Interview with Kim Isringhausen of VCU

April 29, 2012

Virginia Commonwealth University Dental School outreach director tells Thais Carter that events like this weekend's Give Kids A Smile NASCAR event in Richmond prepare dental and hygiene students for under-served children that are right there in their community. Watch the full video interview below.

SLIDESHOW: Give Kids a Smile and NASCAR - Photos from the day's events

April 29, 2012

A picture is worth 1,000 words. Let these images to the left help you get a deeper sense of the amazing work the volunteers and manufacturer product donations made possible.   Want to see more coverage? Click here for video with Dr. Robert Faiella, President-Elect for the American Dental Association.

VIDEO: Give Kids a Smile and NASCAR - Interview with Bobby Anderson

April 29, 2012

Bobby Anderson, Regional Manager for Henry Schein Dental, knows that the relationship a sales rep has with a dental practice has to go beyond filling out an order form. Events such as this Give Kids a Smile event help remind reps what their job is really about.  

VIDEO: Give Kids a Smile and NASCAR - Interview with Dr. Robert Faiella

April 29, 2012

Dr. Robert A. Faiella, President-Elect for the American Dental Association, provides his take on why community outreach matters, even for dentists who feel the need to be more focused on internal matters. For the full interview, see below.

VIDEO: Give Kids a Smile and NASCAR - Interview with the Richmond Toothfairy

April 29, 2012

In addition to other live video interviews coming straight from the Richmond International Speedway, Thais Carter interviewed the Richmond Tooth Fairy earlier today about ways to prevent dental anxiety and fear in children and how to create excitement about good oral hygiene habits.

NASCAR event opens a lane for dental screening, education

April 27, 2012

Dental Products Report, the No. 1 product magazine in the dental industry, is continuing to expand its coverage of industry events. The editorial team’s efforts to draw attention to not only good products, but products in the service of good, takes them to Richmond, Virginia on Friday, April 27 for a special 10th anniversary of the Give Kids a Smile program.

How to keep dental practice disputes under control

April 27, 2012

No one wants to be involved in a dispute that disrupts the normal flow of business to the dental practice. Disputes harm dentists financially and emotionally and cause turmoil within the practice among employees, owners and patients.

Video: Christina Warinner, archaeological geneticist, studies ancient diseases through fossilized dental plaque

April 26, 2012

Achaeological geneticist Christina Warinner is a researcher at the University of Zurich and has discovered a thrilling new tool that will shed light on the history of diseases dating back to ancient hominids. That new tool is fossilized dental plaque.

Popular Comments: Reading list, financial arrangements and 'Are you annoying your patients?'

April 20, 2012

Each week we post a run-down of the most insightful comments we receive from our readers. We hope to highlight some of our best recent content in case you missed it. Cfishburne: I found this to be Very Interesting, have ordered a copy of the book, and WILL BE READING IT. Thank you, Coty Fishburne DDS In response to "A reading list for the evolving dental team" April 3, 2012

Angry Birds land with Dr. Fresh

April 11, 2012

Dr. Fresh®, Inc., maker of the best-selling FireFly® toothbrush, announced that it has entered a new licensing agreement as the exclusive U.S. manufacturer and marketer of Angry Birds® branded oral care products. Angry Birds fever has captivated a broad swath of consumers across all generations, and Dr. Fresh is the first to leverage the brand’s appeal in an innovative oral care line.

From the Office Manager's Desk: How to appreciate your vendors

April 10, 2012

Do you have some great vendors that support your dental practice? Perhaps your computer technician does a great job coordinating all the technology in the dental office plus he’s saved the day in an emergency once or twice? Has your dental supply vendor rushed an order for you or given you a product out of her own personal stash when you were in a pinch?

Are you annoying your patients?

April 10, 2012

If a patient walks out of your practice annoyed, that patient likely isn’t coming back. And these patients may not even tell you they’re irritated with you or one of your team members; they may smile and nod until they can finally leave, all the while thinking, “man, I need to find a new dentist.”

Restore Teenage Smiles: Improved grades

April 10, 2012

Having a beautiful smile would change everything for her son. Jalen’s mother had tried to get him the dental care he needed, but the family had faced hard times over the years and they were unable to afford it. Accidents resulting in trauma to his mouth as a child had left him with a broken smile.