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The 5 most commonly forgotten things about HIPAA

Technological advances have given healthcare professionals the ability to correspond efficiently with medical professionals, specialists and consultants. This not only allows doctors to provide patients with the care they deserve, but also appropriate for their medical needs. These technological advances however, create concerns for patients if doctors and staff are not guarding their information.

2015 Best Financial Advisers for Dentists

Key statistics and best trends in dental practice management: 2012 to 2014

Over the last four years, dentists have experienced significant changes to how they practice dentistry and the reimbursement they received for their services. These changes were experienced on a national scale.

The 20 most bizarre new ICD-10 codes
The 20 most bizarre new ICD-10 codes

October 1, 2015 marks the deadline for the transition to the 10th revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10), which will introduce a whole new set of codes for dental and medical practices nationwide.

Dental Creations announces new silicone rubber base formers

If you're looking for a new, reusable way to pour stone bases, Dental Creations (creator of Wonderfill, Wondertech Small Articulators and more) has a silicone rubber option for you.

Study finds families of orofacial clefting not at higher risk for dental anomalies

The International and American Associations for Dental Research (IADR/AADR) have announced the publication of a study titled "Spectrum of Dental Phenotypes in Nonsyndromic Orofacial Clefting," which is the largest international cohort to date of children with nonsyndromic clefts, their relatives and controls. 

Dentatus offers Profin IPR Tips

Dentatus, well-known for Swedish precision and control, now offers Profin IPR Tips to be used in conjunction with the Profin Directional handpiece.

Weird news: British dentist tried to perform dental work in a McDonald's
Weird news: British dentist tried to perform dental work in a McDonald's

Do you want fries with that dental work? The General Dental Council committee in the United Kingdom has barred one dentist from practicing after she tried to perform a dental procedure in a McDonald’s restaurant.

3 mistakes not to make in your team approach to dental implants

You know your job is to provide an outcome superior in function, as well as form for your patient’s implant treatment. Providing this superior outcome requires a collaborative effort with all the members of the larger dental team. Using a team approach to implant dentistry is essential to optimizing treatment outcomes for your patients.

Keystone's inaugural LATAM seminar a big success

Keystone Industries expanded its dental industry boundaries wider than ever before during the past couple years, and the impact was said to be felt amongst members of the Latin America dental community this May.