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3Shape adds DENTSPLY Implants to implant software

3Shape has announced that dental users of 3Shape systems will soon be able to access the implant lines from DENTSPLY Implants in connection with 3Shape Implant Studio™.

Mintâ„¢ device detects breath quality and hydration

Introducing Mint™, the world's first portable breath quality and hydration level detection product. 

Amann Girrbach products now available through Benco Dental

Amann Girrbach has announced a distribution partnership agreement with Benco Dental, the large dental supply distribution company in Pennsylvania that serves more than 35,000 dental professionals.

How to shape and clean root canals with Komet® endodontic instruments

Engineered to provide optimal access paired with superior canal preparation, Komet USA’s line of endodontic instruments ensures successful root-canal treatment for cases ranging from simple, single-canal procedures to more complex, multiple-canal therapy.

How to use Estelite Sigma Quick for mono-layered techniques

Estelite® Sigma Quick  from Tokuyama is a supra-nano, 100% spherically-filled universal composite that reportedly delivers a high-gloss polishability and leaves lasting shine on restorations. 

3M announces new 3M Oral Care organization

Consistent with 3M’s strategy to increase customer relevance, the company has announced the formation of 3M Oral Care, combining the former 3M ESPE Dental and 3M Unitek Orthodontics into a single new division, led by James D. Ingebrand, vice president and general manager, effective immediately.

Frequently asked questions about digital dentistry and new digital trends

In any given practice, dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, and front desk personnel are likely already using a variety of “digital dentistry” systems all day long. Sometimes all it takes is getting everyone on board and tying all the technologies together to become a practice of the future today.

Everything we need to know about teeth, we learned from Shark Week
Everything we need to know about teeth, we learned from Shark Week

In all our years of fanatically watching Shark Week, we’ve learned a few things: Don’t go swimming at dusk; avoid inserting body parts into a shark’s mouth; we’ll probably need a bigger boat, and, perhaps most interestingly, that a shark can endlessly replace its teeth—which could have major implications for human dental health.

The worst dental disasters of all time

In my 17 years of providing it services to dental offices, I’ve run into pretty much every situation possible. While there are certainly many dentists who are quite computer savvy, this is not true for the majority of dentists; most dentists prefer to focus on doing dentistry rather than fix and support their entire computer network.

Why every dental practice needs digital radiography

In this short but sweet webinar, Dr. Josh Barkhordar, DDS, takes you through all the benefits of upgrading your practice to digital radiography from better communication, high ROI, patient acceptance and more. Find out why you should make the digital switch.