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Top 10 Articles of 2012

Here are the year's most-read articles from dlpmagazine.com.

Growth through acquisition

Now that you have your team in place, your next step is to find the dental practice. There are practices for sale throughout the country but the pricing is now increasing due to a number of factors such as the economy and the fact that dental practices are very stable financially so that dentists are not selling as readily as in the past. Many dentists have lost considerable money in their retirement plans and also can not afford to retire for that reason as well since their savings have been depleted.

Legacy Laboratories: Garland Dental Services/IBEX Dental Technologies

When the ship sailed, Daniel Serrago, president of Garland Dental Services and IBEX Dental Technologies was on it, but he was already planning a new future.

The year was 1996, and Daniel, who had worked for 15 years as a radio electronics officer on commercial ships, was in search of a different career. His two children were entering adolescence and he wanted to be at home with them and his wife, rather than working at sea for months at a time.

Legacy Labs: Tintrup Dental Laboratory

It was not an easy time in her life when Andrea Tintrup took the reins at Tintrup Dental Laboratory in Mount Vernon, N.Y. in 2000. Andrea never imagined that she would end up finding a business and industry that she loves and would still be running the lab 11 years later.

What we can learn from lizards

December 14, 2010  | dentalproductsreport.com

In an evolutionary sense, humans have little in common with the tuatara.

The ancient lizard species, native to New Zealand, is the last in a genetic line that flourished some 200 million years ago. It features a number of properties that are rare or found nowhere else in nature today and thus is a prized specimen for evolutionary biologists to study.

DENCOM sponsors Civilian Dental Corps Web Fair

BISMARCK, N.D., Sept. 8, 2010 -- The US Army Dental Command (DENCOM) is hosting a Civilian Dental Corps web fair beginning September 12th through 30th, 2010. Civilians in the dental profession are invited to participate by logging on to www.civiliandentaljobs.com/webfair.

Treating patients with Arnold Chiari disease

Arnold what? Arnold Chiari One malformation is a serious neurological disorder where the bottom portion of the brain (the cerebellum) descends out of the skull (foramen magnum) and puts pressure on the brain and spinal cord. The herniated tissue blocks the cerebrospinal fluid in the brain and can lead to the formation of a cavity (syrinx) within the spinal cord.

Independent contractor vs. employee

The status of an individual working for someone can be that of an independent contractor or an  employee. Sometimes, businesses hire other businesses to perform services and at times, the term “outsourcing” is used. This term describes the transfer of responsibility to others for the performance of the service in question.  It limits the responsibility to the business needing the service and shifts its responsibility to others and away from the enterprise in question needing the service to be completed.

How does Chinese care compare?

The people who come to Dr. Kevin Boehm’s practice all have one thing in common: they want their dental care done naturally.

They’re not interested in what antibiotic can cure what ails them. These patients are looking for a more holistic approach to health care, and would much rather turn to something like acupuncture, homeopathy or a diet change to get their dental health back on track. Through Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Boehm offers them just that.

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