How to take charge of your software implementation
How to take charge of your software implementationImplementation and training oftentimes don’t go as planned ... but there are ways to make it simpler.
5 EHR tips that could save your dental practiceWhat you need to know about transitioning to EHR, negotiating contracts and how to stay HIPAA compliant.
How to transition your practice to family members
How to transition your practice to family membersTreating children the same as hypothetical buyers can help to ensure a smooth process.
How to transition your practice to an associate
How to transition your practice to an associateTransitioning your practice can be hard, but having someone you trust can make the whole process easier.
Dental practice transitions including employment agreements
Dental practice transitions including employment agreementsDental practice transitions many times include a seller who wants to discontinue working as a dentist and a buyer who feels that he or she can dramatically improve the bottom line of the retiring dentist.
Beware of Medicaid nightmares

As the country's economic recovery remains stagnated, at best, and with recent news that the poverty level in the US has increased yet again, it is easy to see that Americans continue to find themselves less able to afford dental insurance or pay for fee for service dentistry. 

As children of the poor are quite often the victims of recession and unemployment, Medicaid was designed to provide the needed dental care for such children and qualified, disabled adults. It is not surprising now to see that Medicaid in dentistry is on the rise.

Appraising the Dental Practice Appraisal Methodology

I recently attended a Transitions Seminar presented by a well known dental advisor. The presenter was an attorney and has spent a significant number of years dealing with dentists as well as with other professionals advising them on wealth management, practice management and transition strategies.

Transitions through earn out provisions

In many cases, the sale of a dental practice is similar to the sale of a personal residence. Sellers sometimes feel that their practice is worth more to them than the market will pay. This is a similar situation involving the emotions in the sale of a home which will cause the value to be more to the seller than to potential buyers. These same feelings can reflect a higher transition listing price than what the practice will bring.