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I Use That: Philips Zoom Take Home
I Use That: Philips Zoom Take HomeOne practitioner shares his experience with the take-home whitening kit.
How to use Opalescence for customized take-home whitening
How to use Opalescence for customized take-home whiteningAn evaluation of Opalescence, a whitening system from Ultradent Products.
“Everybody wants whiter teeth; we can help our patients with that.”
“Everybody wants whiter teeth; we can help our patients with that.”Dr. Michael Koceja of Columbia Family Dentistry has been using CAO Group's Sheer White! whitening pretty much since he opened his practice about four or five years ago. The big reason he likes Sheer White! is because all the past strip whiteners didn’t stick to the teeth. After a few minutes you’re chewing them around and spitting them out. They became irritating to wear, so people just didn’t wear them.
SDI’s Pola Office+ tooth whitening system offers easy treatment for patients on the go

Said to be the world’s fastest in-office tooth whitening system, Pola Office+ by SDI reportedly requires less than 30 minutes of treatment time.

Top 5 reasons to invest in whitening

There are numerous reasons to invest in whitening, but what can one system offer over another?  DPR lists the top five reasons Ultradent's Opalescence tooth whitening system is the ideal choice for many dental practitioners and their patients.

SDI announces Pola Day CP fast, safe teeth whitening system

A rapid take-home teeth whitening system by SDI, Pola Day CP promises immediate change with a wear time of just 15 minutes once or twice per day. 

Reflection® whitening kits by Smart Practice offer practices custom-branded marketing opportunities

Reflection whitening kits from Smart Practice offers marketing opportunities for dental offices by creating custom, take-home whitening kits ornamented with their logo or other personalized images.

Pola Day and Pola Night Tooth Whitening System provides quick, effective whitening results

The top 5 benefits of Pola Day and Pola Night Advanced Take Home Tooth Whitening System from SDI North America. 

Patient Perspective: Teeth whitening

“I love teeth,” Sarah Wyssmann readily admits. “I am a teeth fanatic. I love to take care of my teeth—brushing, flossing.”