How to place ZEST SATURNO™ 20° angled o-ball implants into an upper maxillary arch
How to place ZEST SATURNO™ 20° angled o-ball implants into an upper maxillary archSATURNO is a one-piece narrow-diameter implant with an o-ball connection featuring a patented, pivoting cap technology similar to the function of LOCATOR®.
A complete recap of CEREC 30 in Las Vegas
A complete recap of CEREC 30 in Las VegasDental Products Report and Modern Dental Assistant editorial advisory board member (and dental assistant extraordinaire) Tija Hunter shares her observations at the 30th anniversary event.
Three tips for shade matching in a Class II dental restorationIn this video, Jason Goodchild, DDS, explains the three things dentists should focus on when shade matching a composite during a direct restoration and why.
Dr. Gordon Christensen’s favorite selective-etch steps
Dr. Gordon Christensen’s favorite selective-etch stepsAfter combining his research with formal and informal surveys of practitioners, Dr. Christensen prefers this technique for busy practices with the known challenge of predictably treating multiple patients.
How Gendex™ GXS-700™ digital intraoral sensors can benefit your practiceThe two ergonomically designed sensors feature smooth, rounded corners, proving a comfortable experience to both children and adults. The open software architecture gives dental practitioners flexibility and choice in imaging software now and in the future.
How to use an innovative, prefabricated composite veneerDentistry’s renewed emphasis on minimally invasive treatments affords patients the opportunity to receive highly esthetic and natural-looking restorations that preserve as much of their natural tooth structure as possible.
Why I chose my GXS-700™ digital sensor Gendex GXS-700™ intraoral sensors are designed to make migrating from film or upgrading a digital system easier than ever.
How to shape and clean root canals with Komet® endodontic instruments Engineered to provide optimal access paired with superior canal preparation, Komet USA’s line of endodontic instruments ensures successful root-canal treatment for cases ranging from simple, single-canal procedures to more complex, multiple-canal therapy.
How to use Estelite Sigma Quick for mono-layered techniques Estelite® Sigma Quick  from Tokuyama is a supra-nano, 100% spherically-filled universal composite that reportedly delivers a high-gloss polishability and leaves lasting shine on restorations. 
How to repair porcelain restorations instead of replacing themUsing composite resin, this case illustrates an efficient, reliable intraoral repair of fractured porcelain. These elements of esthetic dentistry can be very frustrating for both patient and practitioner especially in the case of an anterior tooth, yet most of these inherent problems with porcelain can be immediately and predictably repaired chairside with the use of composite resin.