Why I chose my GXS-700™ digital sensor Gendex GXS-700™ intraoral sensors are designed to make migrating from film or upgrading a digital system easier than ever.
How to use Estelite Sigma Quick for mono-layered techniques Estelite® Sigma Quick  from Tokuyama is a supra-nano, 100% spherically-filled universal composite that reportedly delivers a high-gloss polishability and leaves lasting shine on restorations. 
How to shape and clean root canals with Komet® endodontic instruments Engineered to provide optimal access paired with superior canal preparation, Komet USA’s line of endodontic instruments ensures successful root-canal treatment for cases ranging from simple, single-canal procedures to more complex, multiple-canal therapy.
How to repair porcelain restorations instead of replacing them Using composite resin, this case illustrates an efficient, reliable intraoral repair of fractured porcelain. These elements of esthetic dentistry can be very frustrating for both patient and practitioner especially in the case of an anterior tooth, yet most of these inherent problems with porcelain can be immediately and predictably repaired chairside with the use of composite resin.
Technique: Kahng on creating fluorescence through shade matching A female patient in her late 30s presented for custom shade matching at the laboratory with very specific demands. She was replacing her two natural centrals with crowns that required blending of color with her existing dentition.
Step-by-step: Saving time on implant fabrications Like most business owners, I am always looking to find multiple uses for products I use around the laboratory. The goal is to consolidate product purchases and at the same time provide quick, consistent, quality results.
Step-by-step: A full-arch, metal free zirconia restoration Technology keeps moving and changing with noticeably different and better results. In the author’s career, he has been fortunate enough to be involved with several full-mouth restoration cases. We have three laboratory options from which to choose for these types of cases:
How to ensure a successful bond with Futurabond DC One of the most important aspects in the success of a restoration is the bond between the tooth and the restoration. There are many luting agents currently on the market with differing formats of adhesion and techniques for use.
How to choose the most suitable temporization approach Temporization, or, as it’s often called, “provisionalization,” might be considered its own subdivision of restorative dentistry. Before we plan any type of dental rehab, we need to “pre-think” how we’ll maintain our patient’s appearance and function and keep him or her comfortable for the duration. We also need to decide on the particular technique, materials and cement we will use.
Having trouble opening .DEX files? Here’s some help.Do you routinely receive digital image files as .DEX attachments you and the office struggle to open? You’re not alone. But, don’t fret. There are troubleshoots to handle those tricky file extensions.