Technique: Using digital impressions for better implantsDr. Paresh Patel, DDS, explores how combining digital imaging and digital impressions creates beautiful restorative possibilities.
How to: Replace a single molar with an implantDr. Roy Leshem shows a technique to replace a single tooth with an implant-borne zirconia crown.
How to create an esthetic smile with smile design principles
How to create an esthetic smile with smile design principlesIn this article, I will demonstrate smile design principles that can help in achieving esthetics in a smile.
How to prep for all-ceramic anterior crowns with Expert Kit 4573STThis step-by-step technique shows how to use Komet's Expert Kit 4573ST for all-ceramic anterior crowns.
How to: How a tablet computer can help with estheticsLorena Lighthart, product manager at Whip Mix, explains how the MaxAlign App can improve esthetic results and workflow through digital photography and a tablet computer.
How to efficiently place posterior direct composites
How to efficiently place posterior direct compositesHow to apply direct posterior composite restoration with bulk-fill dual-cure composite resin and sectional matrix/ring system.
How to restore Class V restorations with EPIC-TMPT
How to restore Class V restorations with EPIC-TMPTOne dentist outlines how using EPIC®-TMPT Composite by Parkell can simplify Class V restorations.
How-to: Press up to 20 units in a single press ovenJörg Muller of Aesthetic Press explores how this product can help technicians press more units than ever.
How to perform mechanical root-canal preparation with the F6 SkyTaper™ Endo FilesKomet USA’s comprehensive line of endodontic instruments and accessories ensures successful treatment for all types of root-canal cases. The line includes instruments specially engineered for every step of the procedure, from straight-line access and proper cleaning, shaping and preparation to obturation and final finishing. Each instrument complements its counterparts, working to simplify endodontic procedures and enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
How to deliver same-day digital solutions
How to deliver same-day digital solutionsCAD/CAM Dentistry has evolved into a profitable resource for the dental office, especially for practices accepting of cutting-edge technology and converting to a digital dental platform.