I Use That: Compact Prism loupes
I Use That: Compact Prism loupesWhy one dentist prefers wearing these loupes from SurgiTel.
SurgiTel launches two new products
SurgiTel launches two new productsThe company recently announced its new Wireless LED and SurgiCam HD.
Here come the innovators: The 2016 Innovator Profiles
Here come the innovators: The 2016 Innovator ProfilesWith innovation comes great advancement. Find out how these companies partner with you to push the dental industry forward.
Aero 2.0 Loupes designed to deliver comfortable versatility
Aero 2.0 Loupes designed to deliver comfortable versatilitySurgiTel, building on the popular Aero Titanium Frame created by SurgiTel specifically for loupes, has released the Aero 2.0 frame. The product makes loupes more comfortable for the clinician, especially when using higher power loupes (3.5x to 8.0x).
Here come the Innovators

Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

Innovator Profile 2015: SurgiTel

Q&A with Dr. Darryl L. Hatchett, DDS, Denver, N.C.

Hygienists weigh in: The most helpful hygiene products

Every practice is a little different in terms of the role the hygienist plays in the grand scheme of helping deliver good oral health care to patients. Some dental offices have the hygienist performing a higher level of care, while others may have the hygiene staff focus more on cleanings, diagnostics and patient education. 

SurgiTel introduces world’s first touch-free headlight LED

SurgiTel® announced the debut of the world’s first touch-free headlight LED, The Eclipse LED.

The dawning of Google Glass loupes for the dental professional

When the concept of Google Glass was first announced, it didn’t take long for dental professionals (and our own technology editor, Dr. John Flucke) to wonder how the invention would impact dentistry. A group of dental students from the University of Michigan appears to have taken a big leap toward answering that question.

New prism loupe and headlight from SurgiTel offer greater performance, comfort and style

Two new offerings from SurgiTel are said to give dental professionals better performing and higher quality optical imaging options.