FTC sues nation's 3 largest dental supply companies
FTC sues nation's 3 largest dental supply companiesThe complaint names Benco Dental Supply Company, Henry Schein, Inc. and Patterson Companies, Inc.
Choosing the right dental laser for your practiceToday’s dental lasers keep getting better and better, and easier to use. Add to that a big drop in price in recent years, and now may the best time ever to take advantage of the technology if you have yet to already do so.
Kettenbach’s new Sugi Butterfly maintains optimum dry field
Kettenbach’s new Sugi Butterfly maintains optimum dry fieldThe new Sugi Butterfly from Kettenbach LP of Huntington Beach, Calif., is a nonsterile cotton fiber and cellulose barrier that is available in two sizes—small and large.
New abrasive discs said to be affordable and strongZ-Discs are made of a special blend of zirconia, diamond and ceramic composites. The discs are engineered to demonstrate a combination of thinness (ultra-thin), strength, durability and cutting qualities, said to make this disc the perfect abrasive disc for cut-off of e.max sprues, for finishing of ceramic bridges, for fine detail contouring of interproximals, and for contouring green state zirconia.
Products worth their weight in goldAccording to a recent survey by the American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA), 61 percent of its members shop and buy the products for the practice. Of the 39 percent who don’t do the buying, 50 percent told the ADAA that it’s another dental assistant in the office who does it.