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Study finds human teeth evolved from same genes as pufferfish
Study finds human teeth evolved from same genes as pufferfishResearchers discovered that pufferfish use the same stem cells for tooth regeneration as humans.
Will humans one day be able to regrow teeth?
Will humans one day be able to regrow teeth?New research takes a closer look at bioengineered tooth restoration.
Could this drug mean the end of dental fillings?
Could this drug mean the end of dental fillings?A team of researchers at King’s College London have found evidence that tooth pulp can be naturally healed with the help of an Alzheimer’s drug.
Why stem cells mean the dental professional is the family’s most important doctor

Stem cells have been buzzwords in the medical industry for many years now, but little has been said about the dentist's role in regards to storing stem cell tissue for future use. What do dentists have to do with stem cells? They may provide a patient's last chance to bank potentially life-saving tissue.

Researchers discover lasers can regenerate dentin

A team of researchers at Harvard has discovered that it may be possible to regrow dentin in teeth—through the power of lasers.

Researchers use human urine to create new teeth

A new study published in Cell Regeneration Journal reports that stem cells collected from human urine can be used to create tooth-like structures.

The study, which was conducted by Duanqing Pei and colleagues, gives rise to the hope that the technique might one day be used to help grow new teeth for dental patients.

How to incorporate Provia Labs’ Store-A-Tooth program into your practice

Stem cells in general are not a new concept. They’ve been included in medical journals for about 100 years and the definition of stem cells is just about as old—undifferentiated cells that not only have the capacity for self-renewal, but also the ability to produce specific cells needed for a wide range of tissue regeneration and therapeutic applications.

Store-A-Tooth offers patients regenerative dentistry options through stem cells

Featured on Dental Products Report’s March cover, Store-A-Tooth is Provia Laboratories’ primary product offering. The simplest way to explain the product is that it gives families a second chance.