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How to treat a patient who only needs one veneer with EasySmile LifeLike Veneers [VIDEO]

Placing just one veneer can be a challenge, but also can really make a difference in a patient’s smile. Here’s how EasySmile LifeLike Veneers can help.

How to redefine smile makeovers in 2014 [VIDEO]

Think you need multiple veneers to complete a smile makeover? Dr. Harvey Silverman tells you why that might not be the case.

Free Hereaus Educational Webinar set for July 18

Dr. Warren Roberts, DMD, will conduct a free Heraeus educational webinar on Wednesday, July 18. The all-day event will offer one CE credit to participants who are looking to expand their services to include rejuvenation treatments.


Cosmetic Dentistry: The Same Day Smile Makeover

In this new series, The Same Day Smile Makeover, the goal will be to share how recent advances in dental technology can help your patients have a more self-confident smile in one easy visit. 

Patient Perspective: Teeth whitening

“I love teeth,” Sarah Wyssmann readily admits. “I am a teeth fanatic. I love to take care of my teeth—brushing, flossing.”

The simple smile makeover

When our patients look to make changes in their smiles, it does not always need to be a full mouth rehab. In certain cases, depending on the lip dynamics, four to six teeth may be ideal for a major change in a patient’s appearance. The key to making a change is always about tooth position, shape and color. And each one of these plays a different role in the makeover process.