Putting your smartphone to work
Putting your smartphone to workA new dental technology maximizes the use of smartphones and watches at work, making bringing your smartphone to the office a practical option.
4 ways smartphones can improve your practice
4 ways smartphones can improve your practiceThere's a wealth of technology that can help your practice right at your fingertips—in your trusty smartphone.
Taking selfies while brushing teeth can make for brighter smiles
Taking selfies while brushing teeth can make for brighter smilesRecording smartphone video “selfies” of tooth-brushing can help people learn to improve their oral health care techniques, according to a new study.
HIPAA compliance and digital photography with personal mobile devices

As technology continues to provide unparalleled advances and innovation, dental practices continue to change their methods for performing treatments, maintaining patient records and communication. 

Tech Smart: Defining the tech world

Shopping for new technology can sometimes feel like wading through a vat of alphabet soup. The number of new acronyms to describe features and metrics is imposing, and the pace at which new terms are introduced can be downright dizzying.

Technology at the ready

File sharing via Dropbox

A cloud service that works equally well on computers and the mobile apps for the major smartphone platforms, Dropbox allows users to store files in online folders that can be shared to create a cloud-based portal between two Dropbox users.

Video calls via Skype

At Your Fingertips

High tech for a dental lab doesn’t have to mean CAD/CAM, and more importantly it doesn’t have to come with a wallet-draining pricetag. Plenty of the cutting edge technologies ready to help you manage the business and make work at the bench more efficient can be accessed for free.

Tech Smart: Lessons from CES 2012

Once again my schedule in the Dental Lab Products newsroom prevented me from attending this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but like many followers of all things high tech I eagerly followed news breaking from the show’s expansive exhibit halls.

Tech Smart: Gear Necessities

If you were among the many dental laboratory professionals in Chicago late last month, it’s likely you were bouncing between meetings at different hotels across the river and across downtown from each other. When making those cross-meeting jaunts it helps to travel light, but it’s just as key to be in touch while on the road.

Tech Smart: Best of 2011

Some years see groundbreaking technologies sweep into the market and change everything, but 2011 was not one of those years.

That’s not to say there weren’t significant new gadgets and features hitting the (now mostly digital) shelves this year. However, the last 12 months have been more about shifting trends and technology platform transitions that are setting the stage for what a few years from now is likely to be a vastly different looking technological landscape.