5 considerations for personal protective equipmentWearing personal protective equipment is crucial, but if you’re not using it correctly, you could be doing more harm than good.
5 ways to conduct infection control training for your officeInfection control training doesn’t have to be boring or redundant. Instead, look for new ways to engage your staff.
LeEject 2 Syringe and Needle system receives FDA clearance
LeEject 2 Syringe and Needle system receives FDA clearanceThe system is said to allow disposal of the needle without recapping and unscrewing.
5 reasons you need an infection prevention coordinatorHaving an infection prevention coordinator can help ensure that your practice stays up to date on infection control issues.
Palmero introduces pink safety eyewear to support breast cancer research
Palmero introduces pink safety eyewear to support breast cancer researchA portion of the proceeds will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
6 scary consequences of not following good infection control practicesAn exploration of some of the problems and practice-endangering penalties that can occur due to poor infection control protocols.
'Laser eye protection in a single design'
'Laser eye protection in a single design'A Q&A with Dr. Anthony Podrow, founder of Ease-In-Shields™, and Dr. Chris Owens, founder & CEO of Ease-In-Shields, on the Best of Class winner Ease-In-Shields.
5 benefits of good infection controlReviewing your office’s infection control protocol will help to ensure the safety of your staff and your patients.
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The challenges of waterline disinfection
The challenges of waterline disinfectionWhy the latest improvements in dental waterline disinfection are so critical for dental practices.