5 considerations for personal protective equipmentWearing personal protective equipment is crucial, but if you’re not using it correctly, you could be doing more harm than good.
5 reasons you need an infection prevention coordinatorHaving an infection prevention coordinator can help ensure that your practice stays up to date on infection control issues.
6 scary consequences of not following good infection control practicesAn exploration of some of the problems and practice-endangering penalties that can occur due to poor infection control protocols.
EPA signs amalgam separator regulation
EPA signs amalgam separator regulationThe 'Dental Rule' requires all states to be compliant with a new standard of Best Management Practices regarding amalgam waste.
Dentistry and the Federal Government
Dentistry and the Federal GovernmentAs the population of untreated dental disease continues to expand, along with more focused attention being paid to the oral-systemic link, dentistry will find itself in cross-hairs to increase access and reduce disease.
Using digital technology to counter business threats

Traditional dental labs are today pressured from many sides—in-clinic milling, price competition and regulatory demands all pose serious threats to their future business efforts. Luckily, digital technologies are already providing direct answers to counter these upsetting realities. By going digital, labs can push right back.

The List: Top 5 ways to avoid infection in your lab

Consider these tips for making sure you don't spread let infection spread around your team or, most importantly, to the restorations you're producing for clients and patients.

Where we are & where we're headed

It’s not as if change is a new thing to the dental laboratory industry.

Innovation and embracing new materials, techniques and technologies always have been a part of running a successful dental lab business. However, the pace of that change seems to be continually accelerating, and labs need to constantly adjust to keep up.