9 ways to increase profits by controlling labor expenses
9 ways to increase profits by controlling labor expensesLabor can be one of your practice’s biggest costs, but how can you save money and have happy employees?
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The 5 worst ways to ask for a raiseEveryone would love a raise—but there are several surefire ways to ensure you won't get one.
5 things that will make you stand out and get a raiseDentists closely watch their bottom line. As practice owners, the first priority is patient care, followed by keeping overhead down. So when hygienists ask for a raise, doctors immediately think, “How much is that going to cost me for the year and is it really worth it?”
How valuable are you to your practice?
How valuable are you to your practice?Does this question keep you up at night? Or do you lie there wondering about your job security? Maybe you’re questioning why you’re not getting a raise? To the latter question, I can certainly relate.
Dental hygienists: I want a raise!
Dental hygienists: I want a raise!The tough economic times have affected all of us in some way, and for many this effect has come in the way of no pay increase in recent years. As news of a recovery and the “new economy” cross the news media, dental hygienists wonder where their recovery is.
Sticky situations: How does a dental hygienist or dental assistant ask for a raise?
How dental team members should ask for a raise