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Creating pearly white smilesRounding up some of the best in-office and take-home teeth whitening solutions.
Managing your practice digitally: A practice management software product roundupWe took a look at some of the leading practice management software solutions.
Choosing the right dental laser for your practiceToday’s dental lasers keep getting better and better, and easier to use. Add to that a big drop in price in recent years, and now may the best time ever to take advantage of the technology if you have yet to already do so.
3D printing the future of dentistryDigital Esthetics and Dental Products Report round up the latest innovations in 3D printing.
Preventing infection with sterilizersThis snapshot of dental sterilizers will help dental practices improve infection control.
Diamonds of their days: Products that are team members' best friends
Diamonds of their days: Products that are team members' best friendsWe asked assistants and hygienists from around the nation, including editorial opinion leaders from Modern Dental Assistant and Modern Hygienist, to tell us what products made their days easier and made their patients happier. Here’s what they said.
Choosing the right milling machine
Choosing the right milling machinePurchasing a milling unit is a big decision. There are many options, features and specifications to consider, and your selection depends on what type of materials you use, how much you have allocated to spend and how your lab operates on a day-to-day basis.
The future of millable materials is hereThese temporaries are often needed for anywhere from two weeks to a year or more so strong and durable provisional materials are necessary to keep the restoration stable so the patient can function in the meantime.
The most perfect porcelain accessories for your laboratory

When creating a porcelain restoration, it’s not just about the restoration itself—it’s about all the often unnoticed components that come together to create the most beautiful result.