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How to maintain a healthy dental team [VIDEO]

One of the best things you can do for your dental staff’s well-being—not to mention your practice’s bottom line—is create a work environment that promotes wellness and health, says Dr. John. H. Jameson of Jameson Management.

Midwinter 2014: Carestream Dental hosting hands-on courses on CAD/CAM, 3D imaging and practice management solutions

Carestream Dental is hosting two workshops at the 2014 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting to teach attendees about the latest innovations in imaging and practice management software.

Products for an efficient dental practice and enhanced patient experience [VIDEO]

The team at River Bluff Dental is committed to providing a comfortable, efficient practice for their patients, as well as the best cosmetic dentistry possible. Here’s how Patterson Dental and products like Eaglesoft, CAESY, RevenueWell and CEREC have helped them make that goal a reality for the last 17 years.

How to take your dental team to the next level [VIDEO]

Is your dental staff in a rut? Stephanie Pietrantonio Lodding, RDH, gives you tips on how to encourage your staff to be extraordinary.

How Eaglesoft 17 Practice Management Software can improve your practice [VIDEO]

The right technologies are the key to any successful dental practice. Find out how Patterson Dental can help you create a successful high-tech practice with a focus on superior patient care with Eaglesoft 17 Practice Management Software.

Umbie DentalCare’s cloud-based dental practice solution aims to enhance patient engagement and more

During the recent 2014 Yankee Dental Congress held in Boston, Mass., Umbie DentalCare presented its cloud-based dental practice management application touting its ability to build dentist-patient trust.

Paperless technology frees up the dental office manager's time

Imagine the administrative area of a dental office of 20 years ago.

How to keep up in a chartless dental practice [VIDEO]

Jill Nesbitt, MBA, dental consultant and office manager, gives you three ideas to keep your chartless practice running seamlessly.

35 easy business tips to improve your dental practice today

There are thousands of changes—some tiny, some large—every dental practice can implement to better its bottom line and success. Marketing. Staff changes. Budgets. Product choices. And too many more to count.

Well, here’s a start.

5 facts you should know about dental insurance coverage

Many patients have questions concerning their insurance coverage. Because we believe patients deserve the best service possible, we would like to share some interesting facts concerning insurance coverage.