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Are you sending the right marketing messages?

Marketing is more than just advertising –it’s communication with your patients. And Penny Reed of Penny Reed and Associates says she sees one big mistake dental practices making all the time.

Free E-Book: 3 simple steps to improved dental practice efficiency

With this free e-book, sponsored by Zirc, you’ll find out how you can implement easy and affordable strategies to improve your organization, reduce your stress and improve your patients’ experience while at your practice.

4 ideas to help evaluate your PPO plans [VIDEO]

Chances are you are a part of anywhere from five to 10 dental Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans. But do you know how each of them is performing?

Probably not.

Free E-Book: 8 dental marketing mistakes that are costing you patients

If you’re a dentist who’s frustrated spending money on marketing campaigns that show little impact on growing your practice, or if you have simply given up on marketing altogether, then this e-book will show you how to correct the mistakes you’re making and how to avoid mistakes other dentists are making.

How you should be communicating with patients on social media [VIDEO]

Dental social posts are great to build your practice, but as Stephanie Pietrantonio Lodding, RDH, explains, it’s just as important to show your practice’s personality.

3 ways to improve your dental practice's ROI using CBCT

Practicing dentists are faced with daunting choices when it comes to incorporating advanced technologies – CAD/CAM, lasers, digital radiography, implant surgical devices, 3D computed cone beam radiographic imaging and computer-based management, as well as educational, promotional, and diagnostic technologies lead the list in 2014.

3 quick tips to handle a difficult patient [VIDEO]

Is your day ruined by seeing a difficult patient in your daily schedule lineup?

Free E-Book: How to Choose the Right Mac Software for Your Dental Office

If you’re thinking about running your dental practice on Mac, it’s important that you make software purchase decisions that deliver a consistent, complete and thoroughly Mac experience.

Free E-Book: How to benefit from the top 10 upcoming dental trends of 2014

Taking a cue from his widely popular dental article, Dr. John Flucke's 10 practice predictions for 2014, Dr. Flucke gives you more great advice for the upcoming year in this new e-book.

Free E-book: 8 reasons Macs make sense for dental practices

What can Macs offer your practice that Windows PCs can’t? Find out with this free e-book.