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Why you should treat employees as stakeholders [VIDEO]

What is the difference between an employee and a stakeholder? According to Chuck Blakeman of The Crankset Group, there’s a wide difference between the two terms.

Untapped power in 5½ minutes of a dental hygiene appointment

Untapped Power in 5½ Minutes

If your patient is experiencing their dental hygiene care as a prophy, a brush and floss lecture and quick dentist check at the end, then you are NOT getting the most out of the most powerful 5 ½ minutes in your hygiene appointment.

Free E-Book: A how-to guide to a paperless practice the right way

With advancements in clinical and practice management technology, questions about the Affordable Care Act and Electronic Health Record (EHR) regulations, and increasing demand for more efficiency in dental practices, going paperless is an easy and smart answer.

Reputations and Patient Reviews in the Digital Age

Henry Schein, distributor of healthcare products, and, an online reputation management company from Silicon Valley, have recently joined forces to improve patient experience in dental practices.

Free E-Book: 6 Tips to Improve Safety Standards in Your Dental Practice

It takes a lot to keep your patients and team safe—knowledge of possible dangers, a persistent dedication to safety, and knowing what it takes to protect patients to the best of your ability.

Quick List: Are you making any of these digital marketing mistakes?

Don't let your digital marketing efforts and money go to waste. We partnered with Mightus Media to create a quick tip sheet outlining the most common digital marketing mistakes we’ve seen.

This is the best kept secret about your dental software [VIDEO]

Penny Reed of Penny Reed and Associates tells you what may be holding back the power of your dental management software.

How to grow your practice with patient referrals [VIDEO]

When it comes to growing your dental practice, Penny Reed of Penny Reed and Associates says one major marketing tool that is usually overlooked are patient referrals.

How thinking of tomorrow can help grow your dental practice today [VIDEO]

Penny Reed of Penny Reed and Associates says you should always focus on your patients that are directly in front of you today. But also thinking of how you’re going to bring them back tomorrow can help you better your practice and grow your patient base.  

How to make the most of your open time [VIDEO]

Hopefully your daily work schedule is full and running smoothly. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case at the day-to-day dental practice.