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Free E-Book: 5 dental practice metrics you need to master

Just like your blood pressure, body weight and cholesterol numbers indicate your physical health, your Key Performance Indicator (KPI) numbers indicate the financial health of your practice. Monitoring your KPIs and taking action to improve them can help you eliminate waste, optimize production, improve efficiency and drive higher profitability. 

Top 5 things you need to know about dental fees

Do you know what to do about your dental practice’s fees heading into the new year? Now is a great time to look at your business and see what you should be charging for everything from a crown to an implant.

Sikka software compares common procedures and associated fees in the dental practice

In a joint project between Sikka Software Corporation, Dental Products Report, and Dental Practice Management, the following is the first in a series of reports on common procedures and associated fees in the dental practice. Using Sikka Software’s vast network of data resources, you will find in this article comparisons of not only procedures for the last six months versus a year ago, but also fee comparisons for the same time frames.

On-Demand Webinar: Learn how to effectively implement and use KPIs

In today’s economic climate, staying on top of your practice’s financial health is imperative. Now more than ever it is critical to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and make adjustments when needed to enhance patient care as well as practice efficiencies and profitability.

Webinar: The dental practice management benefits of cloud-based systems

Don’t let your practice management system confine you to your office, or worse yet, your desktop. Too often you need to access patient data from someplace other than your office.

Bringing the dental lab in-house

The relationship is well established: When a dentist needs restorations crafted, the work is outsourced to a dental lab. In most instances, the case leaves the dentist’s office for work across town – or maybe even across the country – coming back a few days or weeks later for final placement with the patient.

Speaking Consulting Network awards first recipient of the Linda Miles Spirit Award

The Annual Speaking Consulting Network conference recently took place in Tampa, Fla., where the first ever Linda Miles Spirit Award was given to Bete Johnson. At this conference, dental practice management consultants, speakers and writers help each other enhance their business and share values. Keep reading to see the values that the SCN prides in their award winner, and details for their 2015 conference.

Checklists — the secret tool to increased practice production [VIDEO]

The number one mission in today’s dental economy is to increase practice production. But how do we get there?

Quick List: 9 business tips to improve your practice finances

From employee management to the right dental equipment, there’s always room to improve the business end of your dental practice. In this free checklist from our sponsor, Dental Planet, we’ve compiled nine quick business tips to help you today.

On-Demand Webinar: Learn easy ways to boost your dental practice's image

Your clinical expertise is beyond reproach – but that matters little if you can’t get new patients in the door.

How do you create a practice image that invites your community to come in and be impressed?