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The top 5 things you never want to hear a patient sayThese five complaints will make any dental professional cringe.
The top 5 things patients NEVER want to hear a dentist sayThese dreaded words can be the difference between treatment acceptance or a quick sprint to the door.
6 signs marketing your dental practice could be a waste of your timeThe key practice management areas to focus on before spending those hard-earned marketing dollars.
Lighthouse 360 helps dentists combat cancellation problem
Lighthouse 360 helps dentists combat cancellation problemThe software from is said to automatically detect and fill last-minute patient cancellations.
Dear Dental Patient...
Dear Dental Patient...What would you tell your patients if you could let them know how you really feel?
Do your patients trust you?
Do your patients trust you?Trust can be critical in forming a positive relationship with your patients.
The top 8 worst types of patients in the waiting roomIt's not just the dentists and hygienists who have to put up with problem patients... the front office staff has to deal with them first.
The evolution of patient communication
The evolution of patient communicationThe way practices communicate with patients is changing as technology advances .
The top 16 worst dental patients everWe polled you, our readers, for your stories of the patients that will always stick out in your memory—for all the wrong reasons. From the infuriating to the disgusting, the bizarre to the absurd, your tales did not disappoint.
5 ways dentists can improve their customer service
5 ways dentists can improve their customer serviceA look at how the all-important aspect of customer service can be improved in your practice.